• Hi all,

    We are a group of five ana players with less than 20 games of experience. Currently people started to do J1 Dow (with and without attack on Hawaii). As the allies we have no plan on how to counter this. The attack on Hawaii seams to be especially bad, because the USA is missing a large fleet that they normally use to help Anzac.

    So can you help me to find a good strategy against J1 DOW?

  • '19

    Welcome to the forums! Pacific 1940 is a great game!  If Japan declares war on the first turn it can be tuff on the allies.  Are you playing with the new 30 IPC rule that came out in 2014? If Japan attacks or declares war on the allies before turn 4, then the USA automatically gets a 30 IPC bonus which they can spend immideatly on there next turn.  This helps a lot, but it can still be an uphill battle for the allies. 
    With USA and Anzac I like to buy naval ships (subs, destroyers, AC) and a transport a turn with the USA with two inf or inf and an artillery.  Buy a naval base at the Johnson islands and when your fleet is strong after a few turns unite the allied fleet off the coast of Dutch New Guinea and sacrifice transports but reclaim those southern money islands.  Keep adding to your fleet off the coast of Dutch New Guinea with massive reforcements from the Johnson islands.  Also look into a factory on Queensland wi Anzac.  That will put pressure on Japan and force the Japanesse commander to make tuff decisions either forcing more on the naval campaign or the Asian campaign.  If you play your cards right then you will win the naval race and put Japan on the defense in the naval campaign.  Pay attention also to Hawaii! Don’t let Japan sneak in a victory by taking the final VC.  Always have a destroyer as a blocker just in case protecting Hawaii.
    Asian campaign.  With China buy inf and play hit and run.  Let Japan come to you and be as much as a pain in the ass for them but retreating northwest.  This will make japan frustrated. 
    With the U.K. Buy inf, artillery and a mech if you can.  If you can keep the Burma road open but with China but don’t count on it after turn 3.  Hold out as long as you can and if Japan attacks Calcutta hopefully you can knock out a few of there aircraft .  That will only make your position stronger in the naval campaign with the allies.  Good luck!

  • That is some pretty good advice. I will try it the next time. So basically it boils down to “Build up a fleet that that can match the japanese fleet and then use that fleet to keep Japan locked on the main land”.

    In our game we had the problem, that Japan attacked Hawaii and killed a large part of the US fleet, then went down to invade Australia (which was retaken) and then Japan went to Hawaii again and killed the US fleet that was build in the mean time. The US player had to build transports and troops to retake Hawaii, so he had not that much ships. And how Hawaii is under siege, japanese troops are at the gates of Calcutta and Australia is locked on its mainland, building up a defence.

  • Instead of buying a naval base for johnston islands I suggest just taking over the Caroline islands and save the 15 ipcs. Caroline islands can threaten more locations than Dutch New Guinea. Having  access to the entire Chinese coastline as well as the ability to hit 3/4 islands and mainland japan from one location gives the allies a solid opportunity to be a real threat to Japan, and forces them to keep their navy close to home, and maybe even suicide some DDs to block you from hitting those pesky minor ICs in Asia.

  • My sons and I have played A&A Pacific. My advice to them as Allies has been China must become Japan’s open wound that will not go away.

  • I find it quite difficult to keep China from being killed. How would you suggest doing it?

  • @Fatespinner:

    I find it quite difficult to keep China from being killed. How would you suggest doing it?

    It’s pretty much impossible to keep China alive if Japan focuses on them.  It’s more about prolonging death and being annoying than not dying.

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