Polling A&A Global 1940/1942 victory conditions

  • Examples for each option (your own conditions may differ)

    1. It’s the end of the day, and both sides are willing to admit that the Axis are doing well but it’s still a close call. So, the Axis claim victory but the Allies insist it’s a tie.

    2. At the end of the day, the Axis haven’t taken the 8/6 VCs required according to out-of-box victory conditions. This means the Allies win by default. However, the Axis argue it is very likely they will take the required VCs in 3 more turns. The Allies say that may be but we’ll never know for sure. Nobody’s surrendering and since time is up nobody wins.

    3. You have agreed beforehand that the Axis should hold 125 IPCs worth of territories on the board to claim victory. At the end of the day, the Axis haven’t taken 125 IPCs on the board. Allies win by default.

    4. You use Young Grasshoppers victory conditions, which assigns points to certain achievements such as taking London with the Axis. At the end of the day, the score is 3-3 so the game is tied.

    I’ve been playing some games where people had very different ideas on how to win. Some view the game as if you’re playing for world domination for tens of rounds even after you’ve finished, and they extrapolate the current game to predict who would win if you play for much longer. Others see it as a game that should be explosive, with people rushing for a way to win even if it means losing in the long, long term.

    I’m curious to see how other people determine the winning side.

  • I personally have more than one way to “win” the game for each side.

    Axis -

    Economic Victory - The Axis powers make 150 IPC’s combined
    Total Victory - The Axis powers control all Allied Capitals
    Victory Objectives - The Axis powers have 5 Victory Objectives
    VC Victory - The Axis powers control 12 Victory Cities or the OOB rules

    Allies -

    Economic Victory - The Allied powers make 200 IPC’s combined
    Total Victory - OOB Rules
    Victory Objectives - The Allied powers have 5 Victory Objectives
    VC Victory - The Allied powers control 16 Victory Cities

    World Domination is also a possibility, one we play when we have time.

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