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Axis & Allies Community Map Files

  • 2018

    Grass Hopper makes a good point. This map is copyrighted by Axis and Allies. The AE map I submitted isn’t mine, that is why I offered this freely on here. I spun the text around and morphed the land masses which was a lot of work but I enjoyed doing it. I don’t think I crossed any lines. Throwing a copyright on a modification and selling it would probably get you a legal phone call. This map is useless without owning the game.

    Does anyone have contact with the publishers and have them express their views on all these maps?

  • @djensen

    A take down notice would be the worst thing ever.

  • 2019 2018 Customizer

    I recently posted a few new and updated version of the AE50 map files. Could you please update the link in this thread? It might be a good idea to just link to my thread so you’re always pointing to the most recent version. Prevents the version control hell 😉

    Thanks for your efforts to make these files more visible and easier to find for the wider community

  • I found a map of revised if anyone of you guys need one. It is by IL and includes the setup printed on the board enjoy!!!

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