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Axis & Allies Community Map Files


    http://www.mediafire.com/file/hsbczxbxnhr8s4c/Ambilzi’s G40 Map File.jpg


    Ambilzi’s ideas with Ambilzi’s scan

    • Scan all pieces of the original game boards, stitch them together in Photoshop
    • Enhance all Convoy and Kamikaze zone symbols for better visibility
    • Repair the misaligned land border to properly connect with sea zone 5, and Amur
    • Replace all United Kingdom roundels on Canadian territories with Canadian roundels
    • Place notes on the far edges explaining which spaces connect on the other side of the board
    • Number the sea zone called the Caspian Sea
    • Encase entire image with 1/4" white border


    http://www.mediafire.com/file/27djta09jodm5d4/Grasshopper’s G40 Map File.jpg


    Young Grasshopper’s ideas with Ambilzi’s design

    • Place a 72 space income tracker along the very bottom edge of the map
    • Place a 15 space turn tracker in the middle of the Indian Ocean
    • Place all airbase and naval base icons directly on the territories which occupy them
    • Design and place charts explaining the combined arms, order of play, starting income, turn sequence
    • Design and place chart listing all Research and Development options
    • Greater enhanced kamikaze and convoy symbols for easier visibility
    • Built in Naval and Airbase icons for quicker setups, and to conserve board space
    • A built in Battle Board for organizing units during large combat scenarios
    • A Game Play reference chart which includes order of play, starting income, and turn sequence
    • A Research & Development reference chart detailing both development charts available
    • A Unit Profile reference chart which includes the attack, defense, and cost values of each unit
    • A Combined Arms reference chart explaining modified rules for units matched with other units
    • A 72 space Income Tracker along the bottom half, and a 15 space Turn Tracker in the center
    • Touchups include a white border, a SZ# in the Caspian Sea, and a SZ#6 border correction
    • You also get a one piece creaseless board that won’t separate during game play


    http://www.mediafire.com/file/akb0jmdw5f9r9qz/Intrepid’s G40 Map File.jpg


    Intrepid’s ideas and design with Amilzi’s scan

    • Clean up original scan (shifted territory lines, distorted territory income numbers, creases, scratches, etc.)
    • Replace all roundels with new artwork (OOB designs except for Pacific UK see below)
    • Make two border corrections for better clarification in and around Canada
    • Make Bessarabia slightly bigger to fit more units when needed
    • Make sea zone 110 slightly bigger to fit more units when needed
    • Adjust light and dark levels of all color profiles for more vivid overall color (big difference)
    • Remove the stroke of the “adjacent sea zone” text for cleaner visibility
    • Reconnect better sea zone borders in sea zone 10 and around the Panama Canal
    • Repair Iwo Jima so that it is no longer upside down
    • Remove combined arms chart, game play chart, and research & development charts
    • Remove turn tracker from the middle of the Indian Ocean
    • Remove attack and defense numbers on the battle board in favor of dice face graphics
    • Label Attacker and Defender center columns on the left and right of the battle board
    • Make the battle board two tone colors for easy verification of Attack and Defender sides
    • Remove the “or less” text graphics on the battle board making more room for the icons
    • Swap the AA Artillery icon on the battle board for something more suitable
    • Place Union Jack roundels on all United Kingdom Pacific territories (Cyanight credit)




    Cyanight’s ideas with Intrepid’s design and Amilzi’s scan


    http://www.mediafire.com/file/2jhlkfiilcpp7at/Tjoeks 50AE Map File.jpg


    Tjoek’s ideas with Tjoek’s scan

    • Scanned the brand new boards in multiple files in 400 dpi resolution (1/3rd higher res then YG’s G40 map)
    • Stitched the 9 best files per board in a graphical editor
    • Combined the 3 boards into one map and photo-shopped the borders between the 3 boards
    • Retouched some stitching misalignments
    • Retouched the largest dust particles and printing errors on my map
    • Enhanced the colours and contrast
    • Reduced scanning noise
    • Added a 1/4 inch white boarder
    • Exported to *.png image so no loss of details as with *.jpg to preserve the highest possible quality

  • Hello everyone,

    Many years ago a member named Ambilzi began the tortured task of scanning all the A&A G40 game boards in order to create a printable one piece map file which would provide a better G40 gaming experience. He didn’t know it at the time, but what Ambilzi did was revolutionized the way we play Axis & Allies, and also provided an essential customization for any custom game table. I was fortunate to work with Ambilzi simply because I reached out made some design suggestions which he was very open to, and the list of those first modifications really tell the story. I shared some ideas that made the map more efficient during games, but Ambilzi was the true pioneer when it come to the history of this file because of the effort he undertook to scan and stitch all those images together. We don’t here from him anymore, he doesn’t, won’t, or can’t return our messages… but his efforts should never be forgotten.

    Since then there have been many of us that use his scanned image file to modify, tweak, and reinvent how it looks, and how we think the map should function. Whether we print this map for our own gaming pleasure, or to modify it and share our ideas with the community, we all owe Ambilzi a great deal of gratitude. Today we can enjoy even better works and map files by those that dedicate their time and skills to improve upon the original scan. Customizers like Cyanight who created many versions mostly dedicated to options for the roundels, Ithaut with his creative ocean layer, and intrepid who cleaned up many imperfections that only his professional eye can detect. In the coming months we await the works of new customizers like Siredblood, and Tjoek… they may use the base scan or create their own map files from scratch, but one thing is for sure… the Axis & Allies community thanks all of them for their efforts.

  • 2019

    Thanks for the acknowledgement, YG. You forgot the most important fix (at least for the people who live on Iwo Jima) � their island is no longer upside-down in the Pacific!  😄

    YG, you’ve been the visionary behind this map project over the years, so thank you for the innovative ideas, and for always striving to make the map better.

    Technical note: This map file is sized 72"x33" at 300dpi.

  • 2017 2016

    Thanks for this one guys.

    Certainly too late, but if anyone is willing to correct a few names here is the best accurate names for each Territories in Siberia, I found this by looking upon DK’s AA50 inspired map.
    Chelyabinsk (Tankograd) is a more WWII fitting name for this TT between Urals and Yenisey.
    Tunguska can be replaced by Altai, as a more appropriate region to pass from China to Novosibirsk, USSR, or Mongolia.

    Another simpler switch: Yenisey become Evenkiysky and Evenkiysky becomes Yenisey.
    However, it does not solve Yakut SSR and Sakha issue, being one and the same region and political entity.

    G40 map_geographic corrections_smaller.png

  • 2017 2016

    Here is the switch and a different way to solve Sakha issue.
    This erase Tunguska for a more realistic Altai being frontier to China, Mongolia and Novosibirsk.
    However, Tunguska TT being south of Yenisey TT on this map is not a bad choice, but not as accurate as Altai.

    Pushing westward Yenisey is also a way to rightly mark the north-western end of 1940 Pacific map.
    As read elsewhere, Axis partners agree to stop at Yenisey river. West of Yenisey was for Germany and east for Japan.
    So, it was a kind of agreement that Urals TT is to be Germany while Yenisey TT to Japan.

    G40_Siberian_plateau with Altai smaller.png

  • These maps are above and beyond great!  Is there any experience blowing these up to the 96x45 size?  I would imagine they should look fine but wanted to hear from experience.

  • 2018 2017

    I would also like to know how well this image scales up.  Maybe not quite as large as carsonbparker mentions, but perhaps 80x36 or something similar.

  • I am trying to view these and or get a copy of these from my work computer. I do not have access to Mediafire. How else can i get a copy or better yet at least view the image to see if its what im after.

  • 2019

    carsonbparker and Navymule, the map should scale up just fine… the resolution might drop to the 200dpi range, but it should still print a crisp image.

    Here’s a low-res shot of the map…(without ghost boxes)

  • Is there a way to get this file without having to deal with mediafire?
    What a pain.

  • @Locke888:

    Is there a way to get this file without having to deal with mediafire?
    What a pain.

    What exactly is the problem you’re having with mediafire?

  • @Young:


    Is there a way to get this file without having to deal with mediafire?
    What a pain.

    What exactly is the problem you’re having with mediafire?

    Disregard, I was clicking “view” and it was putting me through the ringer. I assumed “download” would do the same. I got it now.

  • @Locke888:



    Is there a way to get this file without having to deal with mediafire?
    What a pain.

    What exactly is the problem you’re having with mediafire?

    Disregard, I was clicking view and it was putting me through the ringer. I assumed download would do the same. I got it now.

    Ya, the view file option doesn’t seem to work for these files on Mediafire… hit this link to see a bigger selection of maps. https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=41411.0

  • Hi all,
    the maps are just awesome!!!

    I’m working on a map variant myself and I was wondering if someone would mind sharing the psd file?
    I need to edit country-attribution (nation colors) and other smaller things.
    thanks so much for you help!

  • Has anyone run into issues with getting items with these maps on them printed? Isn’t the work copyrighted? Or have they given folks permissions to print them?

  • Larry Harris was at YG’s tournament with maps printed….no problems…you’re good to go printing them

  • @mcmeeple:

    Has anyone run into issues with getting items with these maps on them printed? Isn’t the work copyrighted? Or have they given folks permissions to print them?

    I think you’d only run into trouble if you tried to sell them after printing them.

  • That makes sense. Some printers (like The Game Crafter), won’t let you print things if you don’t have permissions to use any of the art…and this map being created from the real map meant I might not be able to print it. I modified the coloring slightly so I could do an overlay and it made it through…its a bummer though that I would have to make my own version of the map to sell prints. Oh well. (I made a custom map based objective tracker for AA50).

  • Is there any blank 1940 maps so i could mess around with it?

  • 2017 2016 2015 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    LMFAO. Blank? Thats funny

  • no as in a map without the colors but with the map, borders, seazones, but having it like black and white.

  • 2018

    Young Grasshopper would you consider adding my Azimuthal Equidistant G40 map to your list? I recently posted it in here.


  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    We need better places for these maps. Maybe I can just manually upload them to AWS S3 and provide a link. 🤔

  • @djensen

    We have to be careful about that, these maps could be considered copyright infringement, and it’s my mediafire account that’s sharing these files. I’m not against solutions to better inform our community about them, but I don’t want to attract the fuzz either.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    Rumor has it that as long as it’s free, “they” are okay with it. Also, the worse that would happen is a take down notice.

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