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3d printed pieces, custom pieces

  • Hi

    i had a thought this autumn to 3d print pieces to use, i just wanted Tiger tanks and such, and things have gone viral from there

    already been concacted from other A&A players to modify scales and such on my models

    Check it out, and let me know if you desire anything i dont have

    if you want many of one piece it is possible to combine models to make it cheaper per item.

    they are available on shapeways.com, just search for Axis & Allies custom pieces



  • can anybody help me get a grip on how to post pictures here?

    i really want to show pictures of my printed models like japdanzer elephant, Jagdtiger. the Tiger 1, and II, IS2.

    also capitol ships like USS Iowa, USS Arizona, the Yamato, and so on got some pictures on board of G40

    keep getting response thatlink is not allowed, is there any way around? or do i need to have posted a certain amount of posts?


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    When you get between 10 to 20 posts, the administrator will open that privilege for you. Just join one of the many conversations on the forums, and it will open up, before you know it.

    I hope that helps. 🙂


  • ah, thanks buddy! been more of a screener so will start writing some more

  • 2018 2017 2016 2015 Customizer


    ah, thanks buddy! been more of a screener so will start writing some more

    Glad I could help.



  • wohoo seems im trustworthy  :mrgreen:

    some pictures below, i really like the tank pieces. And i think ships in 1/3000 looks great, bismarck, yamato and Iowa all in 1/3000
    still need to paint them, just bought in the right colors  😄

    from the top germ: Tiger, Stug III, Jgpz Elephant, Jgpz Nashorn, Panzer IV, Sd.kfz Pak
    Russians: Katyusha, IS-2, KV VII Behemoth (fictional) ISU-152, i also have KV2

    US: Sherman Calliope, T26E4 Superpershing, M24 Quad gun carrier, British VC firefly’s  and a kingtiger

    Bismarck, scharnhorst(wrong scale atm) Brits: HMS illustrious, HMS hood, HMS Rodney US: USS iowa next to original

  • Where did you get the model files? I’m working on a tabletop simulator version of the game, the main difference is I’m looking for a large list of diverse models, different infantry etc. If you made them and are unwilling to share then I completely understand as well, just thought I’d ask haha.

  • Do you only print the land units in larger scale or are you able to do them in A&A scale? Mainly tank units and the infantry units

  • models are mostly my own, some i’ve downloaded a base and worked from that 🙂

    scale is easily done. but all tanks where no scale is mentioned is made for normal axis and allies (1/285 scale)

    the tanks are from 22-25mm long dependent on real size, but it says on shapeways that it is longer due to the barrel.

    planning on printing on your own printer otahere?  😄

  • @bgugs:

    Do you only print the land units in larger scale or are you able to do them in A&A scale? Mainly tank units and the infantry units

    i’ve made them in A&A scale, if not other scales are mention  :mrgreen: A&A tanks are 1/285 ish

  • Oyvind,

    What kind of 3d printer are you using? reasonable priced or one of the ones that are 1500$ +



  • i buy them from shapeways,

    i’ve tried to print via some of my friends 3d printers but they come out horrible.
    i think the shapeways printers get out some amazing pieces 🙂

    printed they look very good

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