Re: Spring 2017 Battle of Britain - 30th April - See Battle Report

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    This all day event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 6 players, including three from this forum, and will play two games, at least one of which will be probably be 1942.2.

    If you are interested in joining us then please either reply to this thread in Events or send a PM to Private Panic.

    The Battle Reports for our previous events (posted on this board below) will show you how much fun we have!

  • Damb man! If I was home I’d jump on this…But simply not by far! Forget about Brexit, go play with Private Panics get together!


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    So are you a Brit based overseas then BH? Presumably in Canada as I have just seen you are involved in YG’s event. Have a good time! 🙂

  • Some day I’ll join you guys and we’ll play games that honor the greatest generation that ever lived. I might want a tour of the country side
    Have fun and post up some video

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    Hey SA! Always welcome!

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    Al suggested we have one here in Hereford, as I am unsure whether I can drive in direct sunshine. Are you  expecting Tomas in June? I Realise it is far too Far for him to come. Perhaps, your villagers would not fancy leaving the safety of The countryside, either.

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    Instead of moving BoB Leo why don’t you just invite everyone you want to a game at yours?

    You know I would come down.

    But my fear is that you would lose most if the others due to distance.

    On the other hand you might attract someone new. 😮

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    It is as I Thought. It is working very well as It is ; do not fix what is not Broken. That is what they say.
    Ignore Me.

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    No no no witt. Organise a day but just dont call it the BoB. You know one or more people not on this forum who will play. Get us some new blood for our UK A&A community. I will come down and join in too.

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    I’d love to go… but I haven’t been to England since the 1990s…  😛

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    We have not missed you Wolf!  😛

  • I won’t be able to make any events anytime soon but I’m glad there are some going on in the UK  🙂

    This is my first post, so I hope to see you around the forums from time to time

    have a good game this weekend!

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    Hi h0lym0nk

    Always good to come across another British member of the forum. Welcome!

    Do join us when you can.

    Or if you are just looking for a game you might find that you are local to one of us.

    Adam (PP)

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    It is good to see there is another  Britsh players here. Glad you joined the forum.
    Can I ask Where you are? I realise You cannot play us at the moment.

    PP: I am struggling to drive at th moment, as the brightness
    Is unbearable . And all I am  doing is Driving to Work and the shops!

  • Thanks guys

    I currently live just south of Northampton, but also near Milton Keynes. Main barrier to games at the moment is my lack of a driving licence (something i never got round to doing when i was a teenager) but that should be dealt with soon.

    I realise you guys are in Derbyshire and Hereford respectively, are there many other brits online?

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    Credulous is part of our group and lives in Stockport. As is Dukla Passa,
    Who lives in Hull.
    Flashman is in Yorkshire and I think there are a couple in  London. They do not post much.  In fact, ithey  may not have e even done so for a year or so. There is Also someone in Wales.

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    Hi h0lym0nk

    We also have forum members/players in Hull & Manchester. Plus a cluster of non-forum players in Derbyshire who join us at the BoB.

    I see that while I have been typing wittmann has also answered. He has more knowledge that I of those that do not join us at the BoB.

    Northampton is not that far from Derbyshire. An hour and a half drive I guess?

    Compared to Canada and the US our A&A community is small. But that is an advantage in some ways.

    (wittmann - let me know how the Doctor’s appointment goes on Tuesday)

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    Of course I will, PP.

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    We had 6 players, including Credulous, Dukla Passer and Private Panic from the Forum. wittmann sent his apologies. Two games were played:

    1. 1942 Second Edition

    Sides allocated by role of the dice.

    Russia (Dukla Passer) attacked both West Russia and Ukraine. The latter was unsuccessful. Germany (Private Panic) was then able to wipe out the Russian stack on West Russia. From that point on Russia was on the back foot against Germany, although an attack on Moscow was delayed by the need for G reinforcements to traverse the continent and also by UK fighter reinforcements. The Russian capital fell in round 5.

    In the meantime Japan (non  forum player 1) had destroyed the US fleet in the mid-Pacific. Then bomber purchases allowed an SBR against Moscow that allowed G to make its attack a turn earlier than would otherwise have been the case. Those bombers then enabled J’s capture of India in round 5.

    Following the loss of its Pacific fleet, the US (alternately Dukla Passer and non forum player 2) switched its focus to Europe. However G’s bomber per turn builds allowed each attempt to combine with a UK (non forum player 2) fleet in the Atlantic to be foiled.

    The Axis achieved victory against standard conditions at the end of round 5.

    In all four major battles (West Russia, Moscow, Pacific, India) the Axis had the advantage. But in every one the winning margin was significantly greater than might have been expected. Lady Luck was definitely on the Axis side! 😄

    2. Anniversary

    Credulous (Axis) vs non forum player 3 (Allies). The Allies surrendered following the loss of Egypt, Moscow and India.

    China seemed to perform better than any of its allies! :roll:

    Perhaps Credulous will add a fuller report on this game.

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    So you had a one on one game, while the other was a 2 vs 2? Interesting. Who
    Played against Cred ? Was it Jeremy?
    Sorry I missed it. The
    Weather would have been on my side, brightness wise, but would have been too far to drive this early.
    Only 6 weeks to The next one.

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    Yes Leo. Jeremy against Mark.

    And Tomas and Dale vs me and our new player, Dave, who seemed to enjoy himself a lot, so hopefully will be a regular attendee.

    I felt I should partner Dave given that he is less experienced than everyone else.

  • Sounds like a good event guys!

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    Hope you can join us some time h0lym0nk  🙂

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    Sounds like a good event guys!

    PP and his Derbyshire friends are great hosts. Is  Always a good day’s gaming.

  • Anniversary Game ‘Fuller Write Up’

    The Axis opened with a full on attack on Egypt, which surprised the British so much they could only kill one measly infantry despite the odds being fairly close. The commanding nature of this victory really teed the Axis powers up to rampant gains in Africa. On the Eastern front the Germans pushed East centrally, leaving the Russians unsure as to whether they were to steer North to Leningrad or South to Stalingrad. Some minor naval skirmishes also occurred in the Atlantic.

    In the East Japan’s first turn was focused on coastal China and Kwangtung, prioritising erosion of the Chinese forces before they could consolidate or retreat inland, over gaining the Money Islands. The Phillipines was also captured in this opening go, and the carrier fleet off Midway sunk the Battleship off Hawaii before retreating West.

    In reply the Americans and British started to amass fleets for the counterattack and the Russians consolidated Leningrad and Stalingrad in readiness for the coming storm.

    Over the next turn the Brits attempted to shore up Trans-Jordan unsuccessfully leaving the Middle East wide open to the Axis, and the Italian fleet leveraged the newly captured Suez canal to wipe out the remaining British presence in Africa. Japan captured the Money Islands, and stood at the gates of an undefended India.

    The Americans built up their Pacific fleet in response to massive Japanese fleet builds. China continued to be a thorn in Japan’s side.

    On the Eastern front the Germans made a bold move heading South towards the Caucasus and Stalingrad. The Russians responded by stacking Stalingrad with everything they had.

    Unfortunately they hadn’t factored in the sneaky Italians who outflanked the Russian forces and left the way to Moscow wide open.

    In the face of an increasingly desperate Allied counter the Japanese invaded India, and then immediately headed South East to invade Australia the following turn.

    At the same time the Germans stormed into Moscow, and the Russians elected to destroy the Luftwaffe in West Russia (where they had landed following the Moscow capture) rather than retake the capital.

    The following turn saw the Axis cement their hold on Moscow, and repel a desperate attack by the US on the SZ outside Japan before sinking the remaining fleet. With 13-14 VCs in Axis hands but with a likely few more hours play required to reach the full victory conditions the Allied commanders conceded defeat and were promptly hung for war crimes.

    Mass genocide followed as the Axis ran rampant the world over.

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