Coolest aircraft made during WW2

  • don’t worry, forget about it.

  • My list of the top five fighters in the War

    1. British Supermarine Spitfire MK IX
      This fighter was unconditionally beautiful. The design for the Spitfire is lovely beyond sight. Absolutely breathtaking when photographed majestically ascending the clouds.

    2. American North America P-51D
      My brother once showed me a painting of the Big Beautiful Doll, and from that moment, I was captivated. The P-51 leaves so little to the imagination in terms of grace and enthusiasm. Plus she spots that trendy checkerboard noseart.

    3. German Messerschmitt Me-262A
      Probably the second most perfect shape next to the Spitfire. I especially liked the rounded, shark-like appearance and the placement of the Jumo turbojet engines. She was Galland’s plane, and I admire her for it.

    4. German Messerschmitt Bf-109G
    I give the Bf-106 credit for some of the most fashionable color schemes in the war. The Bf-109 looked like a true glider, lightweight and practical. I particularly liked the Daimler-Benz, fuel-injected engine and Black Tulip.

    1. Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero
      The only blunt nosed fighter I will ever liked with the possible exception of the bent-wing Corsairs, the Zero was charming. So small and cute, it was almost as if you could fit her into your pocket.

  • the Me163Komet looks like a stuffed animal…err plane. I could have one of them and hug the stuffing…eeerrr…c stov out of it!

    i’ll go now before i look like a bigger fool! :Þ

  • You never know. The Me-163 has a certain adorable quality to it. I think it points back the fact that the oddly shaped craft resembles a miniature rocketship of old 50’s sci-fi shows. Not the greatest, but it’s up there.

  • Whoa, someone agrees with me!

    The Me163 looks so…impractical. It was a gastank with wheels…err landing skid.

    I wonder how far away the 263 was from completion. I think the Russkies captured a couple and they were incorperated into the russian airforce until the end of 46.

  • Germany still had the BEST looking logos, insignia’s, paint schemes and uniforms. Bar-none. Agree?

  • definantly…

    but nothing beats the world war one italian flag!

  • The German SS - Stormtrooper dress uniforms are finely done, but for me, it’s red, white, and blue all the way. You just can’t beat homespun American clothing, insignia, logos, ect.

  • Arizona has the best state flag…

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