Coolest aircraft made during WW2

  • As for the whole diesal fuel powered Me-262s, I check my sources again and this was what it had to say, “…. The Me 262 was argued to be an excellent opportunity to inflict serious damage to the Allied bomber formations as it had already produced superb results against Allied aircraft and it used diesel fuel which was in less demand compared with the high-octane fuel used by propeller driven aircraft.” Now I think this was with the Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a Schwalbe (Swallow), Me 262A-2a Sturmvogel (Stormbird), Me262B-1a types but I’m not sure.

  • I believe all german jets used J2. I wonder what J1 is!

    "Now this is where the Germans got stupid. Even though they had a dwindling rooster of pilots, they were able to produce more than 1,400 Me 262s, but fewer than 300 ever saw combat. Of course with 1,400 such aircraft, you’re going to have to skimp on the expensive metals meaning those 10-25 hours of jet engine life. "

    I totally agree. the same with the Me163 komet. in limited numbers, they were excellent. Too many of them was a waste of resources. The Me262 is one of the same.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Komet mainly of wooden construction? That doesn’t seem like a terrible waste of resources to me. Then again I might be thinking of the Natter.

  • Yes, the natter (the thing with 20 rockets in its nose right?) the komet would burst in flames if it was made of plywood. it was a flying gas tank.

    The C and T Stov was needed for the new submarines and who knows what other weapons (I heard V2 rockets can be powered by one of the two.) The Komet simply killed way more germans, wasted labor, and fuel.

  • No doubt that the Komet is a great interceptor for those fast-response missions. However, the Komet was limited to the same problem as the Me-262. One a German pilot throttled back and reduced speed on the landing approach, he was committed to a landing. This was the perfect chance for allied fighters to take out the German jets.

  • The Me163 didn’t have wheels, it used skis. it glided for a landing, and landing itself killed a lot of pilots.

    The Me163 as a limited interceptor would of been a huge fear factor.

    the Bachem Ba 349 Natter was made of wood, i just double checked. it held 24 rockets.

  • With the Kimets I always thought German should adopted “Japan’s alternative solution.” Yeah that’s right, filling the Komet high expolsives and getting pilots to ram their Komet’s into Flying Fortress. At least it worked for the Japanese, in the case of the Cherry Blossoms.

  • The Cherry Blossoms were a bust and highly overrated.

  • Germany would never do suicide attacks. Hitler didn’t want manned V1s!

  • They never did have any suicide attacks, but they did develop a manned version of the V1. Called the Fi-103R Riechenburg,it was developed to improve the accuracy of the V-1 by allowing a pilot to guide the missile to its target before bailing out. In reality the pilot had very poor chances for bailing out of the manned missile alive and other alternatives were chosen for further development instead.

  • The He-162 was developed as a sort of suicide kamikazee attack but the pilot would eject before crashing.

  • He 162 was the volksjaeger, people’s fighter. it was a cheap easy to make jet fighter. not a suicide aircraft, though it had an ejector seat.

  • Figuring that most pilots for the He-162 consisted mainly of disillusioned Hitler Youth members with little flying experience, it would have turned into a suicide craft.

  • yeah, i see where you are coming from.

    the he162 only shot down one enemy…not very effective.

  • Well you never know… The Junkers Ju 88A-4 Trop was used as a flying bomb toward the end of the war.

  • how,i never heard of it.

    any links?

  • Uh, sorry. A lot of my WWII information comes from books and magazines. But the Ju 88 wasn’t an uncommon plane. it was produced in great numbers and used oin all Germany fronts. It was utilized as a day or night fighter, medium bomber, torpedo bomber, minelayer, reconnaissance plane, ground attack aircraft, and communications aircraft.

  • still…suicide craft?

  • Well not suicide planes exactly. Like it was mentioned before, the pilot would parachute to safety a few moments before crashing. Heck, even the Americans wanted to this with some of their old bombers (don’t remember if the plan was carried out though).

  • it would crash into bomber formations?

  • Of course not, the Ju 88 was much to slow to be effective against big bomber formations and their escorts. Instead I think that the Ju 88 was suppose to be used on areas of large buildups like the Normandy beach heads and even Allied transport ships.

  • …so when was it a suicide craft?

  • Toward the end of war. It seems pointless to be used otherwise.

  • now you lost me!

  • Why, what do you want me to clarify?

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