Coolest aircraft made during WW2

  • What do you guys think was the coolest aircraft developed in WW2?

    I’m going with the Gotha 229.

  • I’m a big fan of the Spitfire and Hurricane (although it wasn’t devoloped during the war). I also have great respect for such russian designs as IL-2s and Yaks.

  • The P-38 Lighting looks the coolest to me anyway.

  • Without a doubt the P-51 Mustang. So beautiful (yet deadly) in the skies that it was named the “Cadalic of the Skies.” Take one look at P-51Ds like “Big Beautiful Doll” and you’ll know why.

  • Corsairs used in the pacific looked pretty cool

  • the most effective aircraft used during the war would have to be the p51D. long range, and it was able to defeat any fw-190. the coolest battle ready aircraft would have to be the Me 163 komet.

    p.s. the Gotha 229 was the father of the B2 bomber!

  • Me-262 or Dornier 335.

  • I would probably choose a Komet or Me-262, but their jet engine life was very short. Lots of crashes occured this way.

  • The Komet was rocket-propelled not jet but yes it had a short endurance in the air. Its rocket engines were fueled by hydrogen-peroxide and water. It gave high performance but the fuel was highly unstable, which caused the plane to blow up on many occasions.

  • don’t dis the 90 seconds of powered flight!

    the great thing about the komet was that it killed more germans that allies! they used it wrong.

  • Hahahaha… now I know that’s true! I think the Komet only shot down like 3 bombers (high estimate) and damaged a few others. Landing the sucker was a #&$% that often resulted in the deaths of many Axis airmen.

  • Actually, 300 Germans died from the Komet and 12 bombers were shot down.

    shot down by 2 Komet proto-types, 6 bombers
    shot down by infa-red “rockets”, 2 bombers
    Shooting down 12 total and skidding their way to many deadly landings … Priceless

  • The Avro Landcaster Bomber (hell it could be operated by one person if needed)

  • Actually I do stand corrected. My WWII mag says between 9 to 14 aircraft shot down. All that from 279 Komets? Not the most impressive combat record.

  • Komets were great!!! 4 the allies…

  • I think De Havilland’s Mosquito deserves some mention; the amazing twin engine wooden bomber with no armament. As fast as anything else in the skys at the time and incredibly versitale; it was developed into everthing from a night fighter into a reconnaissance plane.

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  • I agree, the Mosquito was used for all sorts roles: night fighter, bomber, ground attack aircraft, photo reconnaissance plane, transport, and ship killer. Heck it even served as a trainer.

    Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much

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  • My 1st choice: Naval-refitted JU-87 “Stuka”

    I’m sorry, that is just so cooool…

    2nd choice: P-40 “Warhawk”: no frills, just “chug-a-lug”–what can I say, I like the old clunkers! 😁

    3rd choice: Me 410 “Hornisse”. Brutal firepower, plus the forward-mounted engines make it look intimidating…

    My picks…

    Oh wait! Runner-up would be the Focke-Wulf 190–best Axis fighter of the war, hands-down…


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  • didn’t Hans Rudel use a Stuka with a 30mm cannon to kill tanks? He was a tank ace, and he even sunk a russian battleship…with a Stuka!

  • Yes…twin 30mm cannons mounted on the wings. This was a common conversion later in the war for use against Armor on the Eastern Front. I think each cannon could only fire about 20 rounds apeice–'cuz that’s all the Stuka could carry!


  • Stukas sound the coolest. I like the Jap Zeros as well, the white ones. Its a tight little aircraft.

  • Yeah, the zeros were amazing aircraft. The Nakajima Ki-84 was probably one of the finest all-around aircraft of the war. The only problem was that most Japanese pilots (after 1943) were inexperienced and unable to effectively pilot such an aircraft.

  • Well thats what you gey for raming your planes into amarican ships.

    i like the RAF hurrican, good bomber killer and better handling then the spitfire

  • Of all the things about WW2 that ive read or watch, never once had i heard anything about Russain aircraft.

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