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    Baron I will be as kindly as I can. While many appreciate your posts it would be appreciated by myself and many of the community for you specifically, to refrain from over-posting and commenting on every single thing that comes upon the House Rules forum.

    While i know you put a lot off work into your posts, and there is a language difference, your posts are not always appreciated, especially when you post over and over, and over and over, and over and over again. I may speak for myself, speaking without disrespect; but you really need to shut up on occasion. You’re constant droning and vomiting endless calculations is drat rating to new participants and veterans alike.

    I apologize for being so blunt or if I seem un kind. However please be more selective in the conversations on this board which you engage in. your comment is appreciated on this board but flooding the board is un-mannered and obnoxious.

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    OK. Comment noted.
    Don’t be afraid about numbers, they will be much less present since they found a way to be applied in a Triple A Redesign game.

    I will try to refrained myself to not overflow too much threads.

    For language difference, maybe someday it will improve…

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