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    @toblerone77: I’m not sure what kind of credentials you think people need to have in order to offer useful opinions about gaming and history, but I wanted to point out that I’ve received dozens of extremely useful insights about both history and gaming here on the forum, for free, on short notice, and on questions that would be considered incredibly “niche” if I tried to pose them in an undergraduate history class or for that matter at my local board game store.

    Wikipedia isn’t the only good source on World War 2, but if you had to pick one, it’s a pretty good place to start! They offer in-depth, thoughtful coverage on an extremely wide variety of WW2 topics.

    If I had to summarize one frustration with the people who show up to post on these boards, I’d say it’s that people are a little too confident in their opinions. Ignorant or educated, clever or dim-witted, there are lots of people here who are convinced that they’re right and you’re wrong.

  • Reminds me of a quote: “Ideas are like children. you can’t help thinking your own are the best.”

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    My comment was more out of frustration than anything. Out of politeness I removed it. I have been away from this website for a long time. My comment was directed more to something I see happening still even after so many months and it’s a shame.

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    It is houserule. Anyway, everybody is its own master when playing F-2-F.
    Anyone can throw ideas, with more or less aim at something.
    Sure, some are more “historically oriented”, other “playful, blastful” oriented, other “KISS” and some more OOB and aimed at minimal changes.
    When an out-of-the-sandbox HR appear, for my part, it brings more connections to what I’m thinking about sure it is out of the track proposed but it does not kill the opening ideas. It gives much more possibilities. The opening poster is not constrained to do anything.

    Cruiser HRs are quite interesting to read as it reveals how people can be creative.
    Even your C8 TP, C8 Sub, C8 Destroyer cost structure remained in my back pocket when I worked on Redesign to find alternative to current OOB interactions and cost.

    It was not chosen amongst possibilities, but it was still amongst the one to compete within my framework. It had not received great enthusiastic response when you posted it but nevertheless was an idea I read and understand why it have its own merits.
    Within a specific gameframe and context (like introducing new players) some HRs are better than others. Ultimately each one of us is the boss and pick what he likes.
    Even my own F-2-F HRs adjust according to what gamemap, time and players attending because the ultimate goal is still having fun with it and all of us attending. Not just me wanting to test something, there is less experienced players which want to understand the game, others which are competitors that don’t like tweaking on balance indirectly due to HRs, there are beer takers and friend talkers which don’t care, etc.

    So all ideas received a varieties of more or less detailed comments, but still it means your ideas has been read. And , who knows what can happen to them  afterward, they travel and can help someone else on its specific intent.

    Good to see you on forum Toblerone.
    Did you find new teammates to play A&A?

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    My comment was more out of frustration than anything. Out of politeness I removed it. I have been away from this website for a long time. My comment was directed more to something I see happening still even after so many months and it’s a shame.

    Another explanation about some oriented kind of comments about pseudo-historical HRs is that history provides the first generic background to look upon a given set of HR.
    When there is more or less contextual infos, it is more or less accurate according to which is talking for sure. But, it is democratic sharing, everyone has to use critical thinking. As you pointed out second hand historical sources (wiki) doesn’t worth first hands from true academical research and commitment to learn about WWII.

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    Baron I will be as kindly as I can. While many appreciate your posts it would be appreciated by myself and many of the community for you specifically, to refrain from over-posting and commenting on every single thing that comes upon the House Rules forum.

    While i know you put a lot off work into your posts, and there is a language difference, your posts are not always appreciated, especially when you post over and over, and over and over, and over and over again. I may speak for myself, speaking without disrespect; but you really need to shut up on occasion. You’re constant droning and vomiting endless calculations is drat rating to new participants and veterans alike.

    I apologize for being so blunt or if I seem un kind. However please be more selective in the conversations on this board which you engage in. your comment is appreciated on this board but flooding the board is un-mannered and obnoxious.

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    OK. Comment noted.
    Don’t be afraid about numbers, they will be much less present since they found a way to be applied in a Triple A Redesign game.

    I will try to refrained myself to not overflow too much threads.

    For language difference, maybe someday it will improve…

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