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Looking for a game of G40 2nd, no Tech. Would like to try Low Luck…....

  • Hi,

    Somebody interested in a game of Global 1940 2nd Edition without tech? No real preference for Axis or Allies, I need more experience in both……
    I have played a couple of games with TrippleA using the standard Dice roller. But to be honest I’m getting really annoyed with that. More often than not it is giving extreme results, significantly influencing the war for one side or the other. That is why I would like to try a game of Low Luck if somebody is willing to give that a try. A friend of mine argued it takes the fun out of the game since the battle for Russia becomes to predictable. So that is one of the things I would like to find out…

    Regards, Bart.

  • 2018

    I’ll give it a go.



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