Countries using units that arent their own

  • Whats with this new addition to the rules saying that nationalist china can use the sdkfz 222. Since when did nationalist china purchase german vehicles? Wouldn’t the germans consider the fact that the nationalist chinese would just be using it against the japanese. Are there any other units that can be purchased by the chinese? I kinda like the little fellas. I have a ton and against the japs they dont do too bad.-PEACE :mrgreen:

  • The rules says axis plays against allies.  So you shoud be able to choose unit in any allied army for the chinese army.

    I don’t like this rule and always choose unit of one country only.

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    Everything else its on its own.

  • Yeah but it specifically says that the chinese can use german units. I looked it up and talked a little with my german prof and she said that the germans actually sold weapons and vehicles to the chinese which is cool, but im wondering to what extent. Also, what new countries and nationalities are gunna come up in the new booster?-PEACE

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    As long as u dont put tigers and panzers in its okay with me lol

  • Panzers yes, tigers no. It really depends on the year. Because at the beginning of the war the chinese purchased weapons from the germans. I really wanna see some STG44 units god damn it. PEACE

  • hello:

    the germans did ship some equipment to china up until 1937 when japan went full scale into the “china incident” undeclared war.  so players probably could excuse any equipment mix up to and including pz 1s.  for a twist, there were some reports of german advisors actually leading kuomintang troops, so you could even slip a german leader into a scenario.  the germans actually tried to help mediate an end to the war between china and japan, but failed, and by 1938 pulled out of china militarily, although the full break didn’t occur until 1941.  german sympathy during china’s solo stand against japan was actually pretty high, with one famous example of the german consul protecting chinese nationals in the german compound from the japanese.

    until the burma theater opened up, the best kuomintang troops remained those that were german-trained and equipped, at least until american aid finally arrived much later.  so until american aid came there was a hodgepodge of german, soviet, british, french, and italian weapons in china.  but as a result of the casualties from the battles of shanghai and nanking, late 1937, all kuomintang leaders and equipment would be pretty stretched.

    however, kuomintang troops in early 1942, while british and american forces were being swept away in the pacific, and before much american equipment arrived in china, was still able in changsha (central china) to defeat a determined japanese offensive.  so there should be some decent historical scenarios there with the presently available miniatures.

    around and after 1940, there were also japanese-led puppet chinese troops, equipped with second-rate japanese equipment against the kuomintang, but who could turn against their japanese handlers, if anyone wants to set up rules for double crossing…

    another possibility is using soviet pieces in china, since until 1927 the soviets were directly advising the kuomintang, and even afterwards aided the kuomintang against japan, when it suited stalin’s foreign policy - which explains the kuomintang t-26.  but that would probably take more booster sets.

    good gaming!

  • To GMFargus’ question, I’ve heard that they will have Australia as the new nationality.  I don’t know who else is gonna be included… (Maybe some Canadian units for all you Canadians out there)

  • Yup, Canadians will be present, at least in the D-Day pack. I dunno about CS.


  • Im hoping to see some Scots, like in kilts or sumpthin. Also maybe some bavarians, lol. Lederhosen. Thanks for the info. PEACE

  • It’d be sweet if the Scots had a bagpipe player! They were there as the Scots/Brits/Irish stormed the beaches on D-Day. I wonder what they’d do? Uh… nevermind.  :roll:


  • I wanna see some french resistance god damnit. As much as i hate the french, they were kinda cool (gosh i regret saying this). What about spain or mexico, did they take any side in the war? PEACE

  • Despite being the most enduring Fascist state, Spain never did come into the war for the Axis in full force.  The most famous Spanish soldiers were the volunteers of the Blue Division, which suffered such great casualties that they either disbanded by 1943, or if they were diehards they melded into other units.

    On using other units:  We have a ‘cold war’ scenario every now and then.  It’s US vs USSR, with everything that either side has.  If you want it to be more realistic, just think of the Russians as the North Koreans instead.  In the Korean war, we were still using equipment from WW2.

    Also, since there are no Polish line units, if I ever do a Polish invasion scenario I supplement them with Mosins and KMT Officers.  The KMT Rifleman seems wrong because the Poles did put up a valiant and desperate fight.  The only problem with doing this is that you can’t have a Poles vs Soviets scenario.  Maybe some Polish riflemen and officers are in order.

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    It’d be sweet if the Scots had a bagpipe player! They were there as the Scots/Brits/Irish stormed the beaches on D-Day. I wonder what they’d do? Uh… nevermind.  :roll:


    Moral booster: all (pure) solidiers adjacent to this unit remove any face up disrupted tokens at the end of the movement phase.

    Like a commander without an initiative bonus.

  • Hah, good one. But they should only affect Brits, since American soldiers usually complained when the bagpipes started (hell, alot of the brits did too!).


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    So back to the German/Chinese issue.

    I read the Set II Checklist again and it specifically points out that giving a Chinese army the sdkfz 222 is for scenario play. I think this is just a general rule of thumb for scenarios: if country X had unit Y but unit Y belongs to country Z, just use it in your scenario as country X anyway.

    That’s the beauty of this game.

    I’m going to start a new thread about Sino-German relations.

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