Who is gonna win the Super bowl???

  • I am afraid that the Steelers are going to win the Super bowl, because Roethlisberger is just too good 😛 I am rooting for Seattle tho, just because I hate the Steelers so much!

  • Yeah, I’m for Seattle….

  • Western Pennsylvania Born and Bred, so have to pull for the Steelers…

    But if the Seahawks have their game on like they did for Carolina…  Pittsburgh won;t have a prayer.

  • Well, leaning towards going for the Steelers, just 'cause they haven’t won in quite a while (yes, I know, Seattle has never won,  but they’re much younger than the Steelers), but I won’t be surprised to see the Seahawks pull it off.

    I’m just glad it’s not them damn Patriots again :P.

  • @Wargaming_nut:

    I’m just glad it’s not them damn Patriots again :P.

    That’s what I’m saying……

  • I know what y’all mean about the Patriots.  They were so much more fun to pull for back when they faced Da Bears.  I was a New England fan since the season before their first bowl… but in the past few years, I simply no longer care for them.  Give me an underdog to cheer for!

  • '19 Moderator

    Don’t be a hater Bashir  😛

    Steelers all the way 8-)

  • Steelers will kick ass. Final score: Steelers 34, Seahawks 14

  • That score sounds just fine to me.  🙂  Seriously though, I also want the Stillers to win simply because my buddy was trying to shoot down my hopes and dreams as to that ever happening…  😢

  • '19 Moderator

    I havn’t gotten my numbers from the pool yet, so I can’t start rooting for a score yet.

  • A little of DF 21-10 😞 Like I said the Steelers without big Ben would have lost… The refs were also stupid… NO TD for the Steelers! He was clearly not of the line!!! And how in the name of god could they call that foul on Stevens when he made that TD 😮 ??

    Grr I dislike the Steelers even more now… Not hating them 😛 But just disliking them 😛

  • I didn’t see the foul you mentioned, but that touchdown was legit. The ball crossed (or sure as Hell appeared to cross) the front of the line, the line judge called it in, and there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn it.

  • Moderator

    Stevens made that catch… plain and simple…

  • I think it was offensive pass interference… And howcome the ball went over the line he had to scrape it back from under his body to lay it over the line after the play stopped???

    Plays that IMO made and broke the game.

    • Denying the SH TD…
    • Stevens dropping 4 balls
    • SH missing 2 FG’s…
    • Giving the Steelers a TD they didn’t deserve
    • The magnificant trick play. What was it, a reverse WR throw?
    • The Int Hasselbeck threw when they were still in the game after a push of 80 yards…

  • And howcome the ball went over the line he had to scrape it back from under his body to lay it over the line after the play stopped???

    Instinct. Just what you do in a situation like that, and don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t do the same :P. Point is, it crossed in the air, and was perfectly legitimate. And on top of that, the Steelers definitely played the better game overall.

  • But not by much…

    NEITHER team played the way they did in order to get there.

    Initial strong play by Seahawks was balanced by DREADFUL clock management at the end of both halves and penalties (Holding was eating them alive).
    For Pittsburgh, failure to establish a consistent offensive game was balanced by a couple of BIG plays.

    As for the two calls…

    Stephens did indeed seriously push off the Pittsbugh defender, and that is offensive pass interference.
    And the one camera angle of the TD looks like the ball MAY have indeed just fractionally nosed over the plane of the goal line (which is the front of the goal line) when it was still 8-10 inches above the ground.  But how accurate is the camera angle?  We don;t see the line judge in that shot, yet the line judge was ON the Goal Line, and he called TD.  ANY part of he ball, even the SMALLEST part, breaking that plane at any point before ground contact is a TD.  So, I guess we have to accept the “man on the scene” and not the unknown camera angle taht may or may not have been a 100% accurate image of the angles…

  • '19 Moderator

    defineately a memorable bowl for me, not only did the stealers win, but I watched the last quarter in the mess hall at Agu Graib durring breakfast 🙂

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