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Ultimate full global 1940 map file with corrected realistic coastlines and naked

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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xusl1zi7d1h2qt0/Full AAG40 Map2.pdf?dl=0

    Here is a combined PDF of my full global 1940 map file. The reason is for posting this now is i hear comments about the Pacific and Europe ocean color being different. Second people wanted a combined map file. Third some areas have been fixed ( look at what i did to Norway for example)

    Also, i have been using Dropbox for a few years now. I do know i used to encourage people into using Mediafire.com which is ok but unless you sign up they kill you with spam.

    just realized this is 1st edition ( Yukon) working on finding new file…

  • Hi Imperious leader,

    Thanks for all you work with the map.  Is there anyway I can modify it slightly for my own needs?  ex: some added roundels to neutral countries….

    I’d love to modify the size of the UK  to allow more units to be there…I would be distorting its size but I feel this is needed.

    I’d also want to make sub sahara africa even smaller in order to make Europe bigger.

    Any chance you can give me advice on how to do this?



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    buy Creative Suite 3+?

  • I’ve been looking at all the maps for printing for a custom game table.

    I’m debating between imperious leader’s here and intrepid’s g40 map from the community map files.

    I haven’t seen a ton of discussion between these two?  I’ve seen YG’s videos on printing the maps -sounds like interpid’s has good color.  Anyone else have any side by side experience when these are printed?

    I don’t think I’m experienced enough for the massive updated map with new G40 rules!

    Thanks! G

  • Not sure if I am too late to give my feedback by IL’s map came out great when I printed it. I don’t have any experience with the other file but I can say this one is nice.

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