• Has anyone tried Zombicide or the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game?  I own both and must say they are refreshing in the department of coop games!  Zombicide is a beautiful coop survival game that pits your team against waves of the undead.  The pieces are plastic miniatures with cardboard maps of burnt out stores and homes etc.  The game can be a little pricey, but it is well worth it, for the production quality is really amazing.  It is fast, fun, and very easy to learn.  The miniatures can be painted as well!

    The LOTR LCG is phenomenal.  You build decks with certain heroes from the books, and with your lonesome (solo rules) or friends, embark on quests with the heroes you control.  The cards are really well illustrated and my favorite bit is you can own everything as opposed to a collectible game where rarity and such comes into play.  The learning curve is not too bad and it is very fun.  Fantasy Flight Games makes it and I highly recommend it…especially if you’re a Tolkien fan.

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    Ok forget that. load up STEAM and buy Left 4 dead for like $5

    Im Lucas McCain “The Rifleman”

    I will kill everything and you can sit back and just provide supplies.

  • Haha!  I have Left For Dead 1 and 2 on my xbox.  I played those quite frequently and still play from time to time.  I have a steam account but don’t game often on my computer, or multiplayer anyway.  I usually play old games from Good Ol’ Games or rpgs.

    Speaking of coop shooters, have you tried the new Ghost Recon?

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    Yea i got that too, but don’t play that anymore.

    Give left 4 dead another shot. go on steam and find me

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