Yet More Units…

  • How about these varient pieces such as,

    Blockhouses (I use the mall units from Tri-opoly)
    Improves infantry defense to 3 on a matching 1/1 basis. Must have at least 1 infantry in territory to construct. Units hit by a blockhouse during an amphibious assault cannot counter-attack on the first round.
    During an offshore bombardment from a battleship, hits are assigned to blockhouses first.
    Finland/Norway, Germany, and Western Europe each start with one.
    Atk: 0
    Def: 3
    Move: 0
    Cost: 5

    Half Tracks (includes armored cars)
    Can blitz as a tank.
    Considered a tank when transporting.
    Carries 1 infantry OR 1 artillery, 2 spaces.
    Starting placement: On every territory that contains 1 infantry and 1 tank.
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2
    Move: 2
    Cost: 5

    LHP / LHA / LHD
    Carries 1 fighter and 2 infantry units, no artillery or tanks (If you use chopper units they carry that instead of fighters)
    Atk: 1
    Def: 3
    Move: 2
    Cost: 16 (same as carrier)

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