• While doing some research on Larry Harris’ sight, I came across a very interesting topic about house rules to balance the game and keep it more in line historically.  Krieghund had these suggestions in 2007:

    1. Count the Japanese victory points at the end of the US’ turn (that way Japan has to take and hold a territory to get credit).
    2. Japan can win only on victory points - not on capital capture.
    3. No substalling allowed (attacking subs must fight one round before submerging).
    4. Kamikaze may not be used until “activated” - they are activated on the first turn Japan collects less than 30 IPCs of income (this makes them more of a game-saving “desperation weapon” than an advantage for Japan).

    Thoughts?  Anyone try these?

  • I like these rules!  The sub stalling has always bothered me.  I would keep the victory points at 22 because of #1 and give Allies a little extra ipcs in the beginning.  Time to dust off Pacific.

  • Rule number 1 does look like it might be good to include.

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