New Shapeways Store Bunker, Rail Station

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    Here is a picture of a Painted Rail Depot.  Just a few items.  Will be adding more in the coming weeks.
    rail 3.jpg

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    Showing the Painted Bunker.  Use as a Coastal Bunker, Heavy Bunker, Coastal Gun, Maginot Line.


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    Updated Rail Depot.  House rules below
    Rail allows each nation to extend the
    movement of their ground units each turn.  Each
    nation may move up to 2 ground units from one
    rail station to another during the non-combat
    movement phase.  There is no limit to the distance these units may travel, only number of units allowed to use the rail.  An uninterrupted line of
    controlled territories must connect rail stations. 
    Only units that have not moved during any other
    phase may use rail.  Units may not move prior to,
    or after using rail.  For gaming purposes a nation
    may only use rail stations and railroad they
    Rail stations may be built in any territory
    controlled for at least 1 round. It is not required
    for these units to be built in factory locations.  As
    the non-combat movement phase precedes the
    place units phase, newly purchased rail stations
    and railroad markers may not be used the same
    turn they are purchased.
    Rail stations and railroad may be captured by enemy nations.  Players must maintain control
    of captured rail for one full turn before they are
    allowed to use them.  Players may destroy their
    own rail stations and railroad, however this must
    be done during the controlling players turn. 
    Players may attempt to destroy enemy rail stationswith strategic bombing.  Apply same rules for
    strategic bombing.
    Note:  Rail movement may not cross the Suez Can


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