• ISII had a 128 mm gun, but how much pounds of explosives were in its ammo? the tiger II was always considered better tank to tankl, but aside from armor, did the tiger II’s 88 shoot more powerful shells than the russian 128?

  • I think those stats are wrong since the JSII had a 122mm Main Gun instead of a 128. With that being said the 122 should be more powerful then the 88 since the JSIII was also equipped with a 122mm gun and it was considered the most powerfully armed tank at the time of the Russian Victory Parade in Berlin.

    With that being siad, the JSII was an great tank. It had thick sloped armour, didn’t weigh any more than the German Panther, and had much better mobility then any German heavy tank.

    Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much

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  • Oh an I forgot to mention that like all tanks, the JSII had weak side armor meaning a shot from Panzer IVJ or panzerfausts and panzerschrecks could knock out the tank. A well hidden AT 88 shouldn’t have much of a problem then.

  • thanks for clarifying the gun size.

  • Sure, no problem

  • I haven’t seen anyone mention the Panther II. It would have weighed about 50 tons but still retain the same speed and mobility of a Panther G. It would also possess many key features such as the steel-rimmed wheels, infra-red, and I believe an 88 mm gun.

  • does anyone have a link to info on the panther II?

  • thanks. it seems like it would of been just like a tiger tank though.

  • What can I say? The Panther is without a doubt the best medium tank of the war. And probably one of the really good tanks that the Germans mass produced. I think that 5000 Panthers of all types were built.

  • The T-34 was the strongest and most reliable of the war. As for the US and the UKs tanks, the reason why they had such small armour, was because they had to get thier first. The only was america and UK could get tanks to were the fighting was was by boat, so the smaller the tank, the more space. But the T-34s were american designed.

  • While it is true that the basic idea for the chasis was concieved by an american the T-34 was far from being designed by one. Many fine russian designers spent their talents on this fine tank.

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