• I think that I would like to buy Pacific 2001 version, maybe start looking at e-bay.  Before I dive in though, I am wondering what is the best way to balance the game?  OOB seems to really favor Japan.

    Any balance suggestions and possible places to buy the game would be much appreciated!

  • Ebay is probably your best bet.  Just do not in a hurry, prices can vary a lot from time to time.  Also determine which version you want…if it matters to you.  The early versions featured Red Japanese units and dark brown China units.  ( These really are just standard USSR units).    The later versions had the “Pumkin Orange” Japan units (which is the current color in other A&A games) and red China units.  I prefer the Red Japan units, but that’s just me.    Balance is something you will have to work on.  It seemed to me that when I first played, the Allies were winning a lot…I think due to the purchase power.  After getting more experience, Japan seemed to have the “upper hand”.  There are plenty of articles in this section, and I recommend that you read as many as possible.  You will find some great essays and ideas on balance.  Good luck, and enjoy…this is one of the better versions of the Axis and Allies games.

  • Official Q&A

    You’ll definitely need to use the amended setup found in the FAQ.  If you still find that Japan has it too easy, the simplest balance fix is to require Japan to have 24 victory points to win.  If you’re still unhappy after that, there are more adjustments to be found, as Loose Moose suggested.

  • Thank you Loose Moose and Krieghund!  Just got the game on eBay for a decent price.

  • You are quite welcome……I know you will enjoy the game.  It does have some rules and features that have not appeared in any previous games.

  • Just curious…

    I wonder if removing Japan’s round 1 surprise attack would balance the game?  It may reduce a victory point for the first couple of rounds and keep the total to win still at 22.

    Love learning about the game!

  • Official Q&A

    I wouldn’t do that, as it would change both the flavor and the playout drastically.

  • Sounds good.  I am thinking about going with 24 Victory Points and giving the Allies 12-15 IPCs to help with India.

  • Wow, an allied bid of 15, then give all to India….it’s like Christmas .  In the form of a sub and infantry, or all pieces being infantry will most likely slow Japan’s India attack by at least one round.  Depending on other factors, including the “dice” could end Japan’s  only shot at taking India at all.
    Just my opinion, and everybody has one…I think you maybe be trying too hard…too fast to fix a perceived problem.  Just enjoy playing the game for a bit, then “tweak” it slightly as more games are completed. Sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.

  • You are right about the journey.  Because I found so much info about the game not being balanced OOB, I just want to find some tweaks before playing.  If I play as Japan knowing that I have a nice advantage even with the official adjustments, I would not have as much fun.

    The 24 VP and 12-15 bid is from an essay written by Savoro Sakai.  If I do use his suggestions, I would lean toward a 12 bid.

    Oh, and I was able to get the red Japanese units.  The game just seems even more cool with them.

  • That’s great about the red Japanese Army ! They are pretty cool.  Just keep in mind all those modifications were after " many games in the books " and two equally experienced players.
    I am still on the “journey” though I have played many times.  I am currently playing around with a No Japan Victory when India falls.  It just seemed like the USN was just getting itself in a position to challenge the IJN when it was "all over ".  I like the idea of fighting for the islands, naval, and airbases……it is what the Pacific War was all about.  Have fun!

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