• Hi, I am fairly new to the global game and am playing my second time through in a 1v1. I am currently the allies and we are at the start of turn 5. After 5 turns the map looks much different than expected as we are newer players and I was wondering if I am in a good or bad place. For starters, Italy is way more powerful than I thought. They have taken egypt, are moving into south Africa, have a small pesky force in southern russia, and west towards india while maintaining a medium force in the med. The Germans have landed a couple tanks and mech in Scotland but won’t attack my 20 something inf in London and seem to ignore it. However the uk seems to be mostly biding time and a nonfactor.
    The Germans have moved into a couple Russian territories but I have large stacks of tanks and inf in Ukraine and smolensk to counter.
    As for the Pacific he has taken most of China. The Burma road is open but with italy coming from behind it seems india will fall in a couple turns. I made mistakes as the US early and lost a lot of shops and it seems he is massing for something out of Phillipines while I match in hawaii. I have been spending a few ipcs and landed some troops in morocco on an attempt to slowly retake africa. But there is a strong italitan prescence. Australia is intact with a few fighters and ships but get thrown off any island I take.

    Sorry to be lengthy but I am newer to this version and I am curious what strategy to take if there is any.

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    There’s no reason to ever let South Africa fall unless maybe London is taken so you cant build in SA. Smash the Germans in scotland with air and some land and sink his transports off british coast  if weakly defended. If Italy controls mediterranean, egypt, and you dont have strong presence in Mid East, you need him to make major mistake in USSR or Western Europe. Otherwise, he will battle calc his way to taking Moscow eventually while repelling weak Allied Western Europe landings. Im guessing the reason Italy is so strong is because UK wasted so many IPCs on isolated London infantry instead of med/Mid East/SA buys.

    Of course, this is all without knowing what the purchases were, especially Ger, so my opinion could be ill-informed.

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    Looking grim for the allies but if Moscow and Stalingrad can be held then it isn’t over.

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    Welcome to the forum Wildcat.

    In my experience, Japan getting the better of China and taking India is not unusual but it then struggles to capture and hold either Sydney or Hawaii and it needs one or the other to deliver an axis victory. I have known it to succeed, but not easily.

    Italy has even captured Egypt on occasion, for a turn or two at least, but rarely for longer. This is more crucial to your game in that with Egypt in its hands the axis are likely to have all the victory cities it needs if capturing Moscow.

    So one key to not losing is for the allies to retain Moscow, at least until Egypt has been regained. If the allies have Egypt they can lose Moscow and still win, especially if the Russian stack is saved. An axis capture of Egypt can lead to an over investment of axis resources there, allowing Russia to survive. As long as Russia survives, the allies are still in with a chance.

    Another key is obviously the Med. Naval supremacy there will starve Egypt of additional ground units. It will also allow the Italian economy to be killed via convoy disruptions in sz97. Both make the recapture of Egypt much easier.

    The third key is the Middle East. Allied factories in Iraq and Persia can threaten Egypt (along with forces coming north from South Africa and east from Atlantic landings), support India and reinforce Russia. Of course the allies cannot build these factories if they are likely to then lose them to the axis, which may be likely in your game, or indeed have already lost those territories. Perversely a retreating India stack can serve to strengthen the allied position in the middle east. So can a retreating Russian stack, but that is not an option if Moscow gives the axis victory, as seems to be the case in your game.

  • Dear Mr. Wildcats:

    Welcome to the Axis and Allies forums. Please allow me to explain what I believe are the keys to achieving victory for the Allies in your situation:
    Russia is the most important place to hold. Buy a mix of infantry, artillery, and tanks, or just infantry and tanks. Combine your air force, tanks, and most of your infantry into one massive stack to counter German stacking. Retreat, let them extend their supply lines, and then when the time comes that they are bordering Moscow, launch your massive counterattack with infantry, mechs, tanks, and aircraft, destroying them and losing only infantry. Then, once the critical European battle has been won, buy mechs and tanks and retake your territories.
    United States:
    You should be making 72 IPC’s per turn: focus them all on Germany and Italy. Japan is a waste of time, money, and ships. The Allies must work together to win in Europe and ignore Japan as much as possible, like DonRay advised back in the days of the original Axis and Allies game. Buy infantry, artillery, and transports, along with a few destroyers to protect them, and land in either Rome or Western Germany, preferably Rome, so that you can knock out Italy, take its IPC’s, and push into Europe. So go Atlantic, build up infantry and artillery on protected transports, and then go to Gibraltar, then from there 3 spaces to land in Rome.
    Build up planes and ships, use your planes and infantry to kill the German tanks that will cost them a huge 6 IPC’s each to replace. Help America buy doing amphibious landings, but not into Rome like America, but rather into Norway, then take Finland, then into France, then Denmark and Western Germany. Build up defenses in South Africa and don’t lose it if possible, but even if you do you your income from Norway, Finland, and others should make up for it.
    Indian Britain:
    Build up infantry and defend, defend, and harass the Japanese when you can, but just do not fall and defend above all. A huge infantry stack maybe with a fighter or multiple fighters and one or more artillery/tanks should be good enough to hold out and harass the Japanese.
    Build transports and land in the money islands, taking them and distracting Japan. Send fighters to sink their unprotected transports and be a nuisance in general.
    Build up infantry and survive as long as you can, focusing on the Burma Road.
    Against Germany:
    Hold out, Russia
    Against Italy:
    America needs to land in Rome
    Against Japan:
    Hold out and be annoying until you can go on offense AFTER Germany and Italy are done for.
    Thanks and God Bless You,

  • The Germany and Japan playbooks that are stickied to the top of this G40 strategy page are amazing.  You will get a solid start as Axis if you follow those plans for the first couple of rounds.  Nothing beats experience as each game becomes different based on initial die rolls.  The top guys on the League play can beat the middle guys 90+% of the time.

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    then when the time comes that they are bordering Moscow, launch your massive counterattack with infantry, mechs, tanks, and aircraft, destroying them and losing only infantry. Then, once the critical European battle has been won, buy mechs and tanks and retake your territories.

    Umm, this is rarely possible.

    Although I tend to agree with your point about focusing mostly on the Europe side as USA.

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