• Do you guys think the Axis needs a bid? If so, how much?

    I used to think that the Axis didn’t need a bid, but over time I begin to believe that the Axis needs a small bit of help to get on even grounds with the Allies.

  • Well, the great 8 Bid RR Sea Lion Scare bid has been shot to hell…  :evil:

    I have another idea for a small RR bid, but it is approaching the range of “traditional”  RR bids.

    In an RR game, I think 9-12 is what you need to even things out, high teens for unrestricted.  (yes, the folks on the board convinced me),

  • Oh I mean for Revised, since this is the Revised board after all.

  • Switch was talking about Classic I believe; that’s why he mentioned RR and I believe he was convinced by other members of the board in Classic.

  • OK, talking revised now…

    Don;t think the Axis needs a bid, if played well.

    Russia is MUCH stronger in Revised than in Classic, but Germany and Japan have both been souped up to match, while UK only got a few extra boats, and the US is what it always was…

  • I dunno, I’ve been talking with a very good Revised player and he never will play the Axis unless he has a bid of 8 (1 inf in Libya 1 tank in Algeria).

  • @trihero:

    I dunno, I’ve been talking with a very good Revised player and he never will play the Axis unless he has a bid of 8 (1 inf in Libya 1 tank in Algeria).

    That would tilt things heavilly toward the Axis in Africa…  and you can acchieve that same tilt, without a bid, via traditional Germany moves and Japan.

    And if someone wants to give me 8 IPC’s as the Axis, I am going to put it somewhere other than Africa…

  • Where would you put an 8 IPC bid? I think Africa is the best place because it really allows Germany to expand. An 8 IPC bid in Africa allows me to link the fleets while still having an easy time crashing Egypt on G1 without the risk of losing a fighter or 2, which is nice.

    I don’t think the Axis really has a good chance at getting Africa with no bid. Just like in our second game I shut you out before you ever got beyond Egypt, without particularly great rolls my part, and you were contesting it as hard as you could with the bb + trans every turn. You could grab it eventually with Japan, but the if the Alllies drop a buttload (size 16? :P) of gear into Africa on like turn 2 or 3, then it may not be worth your time. I was quite easily posed to shut out your Japanese landing forces even with their lucky 3 hits for 3 infantry defense, and the amount of troops funneled away from Russia certainly helped the Allies.

    I’m not entirely convinced that the Axis needs as high as an 8 IPC bid, but it is rather easy to destabilize the Germans early on, and the guy I have been talking to has been to tournaments and gotten quite far (lost to a finalist because of horrific dice) and has kicked my butt several times at Triple A, so I am slightly inclined to believe him.

    We’ll see once we rematch a lot, Ike, and get both the Axis and the Allies to a point where the games hinge more on dice rather than tactical mistakes.

  • My first thought would be 1 ARM and 1 INF in FIC.

    Second would be the same in Belorussia

    Third would be same in either Eastern Europe, Ukraine of even Balkans.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I consider a bid of 8 ipc in units as rather well balanced. UKR & LIB are the areas of preference, depending on circumstances.

    FIC is an interesting placement - however it only wins you IND. A placement in LIB can win you africa, and UKR placement saves a ftr + gives you more quick punch towards Russia.

  • Germany would be ready to rock and roll with an extra 8 in Africa…  They would benefit far more than giving the 8 to the Japanese since there is very little to check Japan in the long run in Asia.  The Germans would not need to pull troops from Europe to successfully assault Egypt(closing the Suez-sealing off the Indian fleet), and they’d be able to drop reinforcements to prevent an American counter in US1 in Algeria.  The Germans can go after the Brit BB in the Med with the BB prtotecting the planes(The BB isn’t needed to protect the transport against the Destroyer in the Med when amphibbing Egypt because the amphib isn’t necessary).  The sub could be used to sink the tranny in Canada, hamstrining the Brits efforts in Norway in GB1.  They could move both fleets together in G2… without sacrificing Africa.  And take 4 IPCs off the Brits in G2 as well…  Plus the rest of Africa in G3(would be enough to offset what is lost to US in US2)…  Even if the Allies are aggressive in the first round, there is no reason why Germany would be collecting less than 39IPCs(as opposed to 37) in round1, 42 in round 2, and 44 in round 3.  This almost guarantees that Germany will hang around no less than 7 rounds(more than likely 8 or 9)…  Long enough for Japan to strike down Moscow.



    I dunno, I’ve been talking with a very good Revised player and he never will play the Axis unless he has a bid of 8 (1 inf in Libya 1 tank in Algeria).

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