• 2007 AAR League

    A tank has a damaged counter from a couple of turnes ago, and its hit again for a disrupted and another damaged counter. Do the damagae counters add up in teh casualty stage, or is it a kill? I dont get it…

  • Damage is permament.

    During the casualty phase, you flip up all new counters.  Vehicles with two damage counters are then removed.  One damage counter was from a previous turn, the second from the current turn.

  • Second damage gets a destroyed counter. Face-up destroyed counter = dead tank.

  • 2007 AAR League

    How about a damage and a disrupted next round?
    or inf. They have a disrupted form the round before and tehy get another one?

  • face up disrupted counters are removed BEFORE you flip the face down counters, so no, you can’t add a face up disrupted counter to any new face down counter.

    In fact, a disrupted counter never adds up with another counter.  So, if a vehicle has a face up damage counter, and in another turn it gets 1 hit, than you put a face down disrupted counter that will get flip during the casualty phase, and the vehicle will have both a face up disrupted counter AND a face up damaged counter, but it won’t be destroyed.

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