GeneralHandGrenade's House Rules for Global 40

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    I watched like 3+ hours of your videos. I am using some of your house rules:

    I like the Special Forces piece, but i would prefer a 3,2,1 ( diminishing attack factor)

    Reason is because these forces bring very limited supplies and depend on “shock” value attacks, where the sting rapidly diminishes if they are in an extended fight because they bring limited supplies. Cruiser idea is fine. I see the need to limit them to one per territory, but it seems artificial to have one in every area to glitch the rule. I would build them, no free-bees

    Looking at Spy unit, i can see how you used the idea but it seems all nations always had employed various degrees of espionage. I think you should be able to just buy them for 5 IPC ( or whatever) but only steal an enemy developed technology.

    Not too keen on the “Hospital” unit, saving units to fight another day makes the game longer, but i see the strategy and player options.

    I like the Rail unit idea, but i would force players to buy them like any infrastructure unit and we need to consider some limitations as this makes it so much easier for Germany to shuck to Russia or even Russia shuck to and from Moscow.

    I’m thinking a 5 IPC cost per Rail and you can move units limited by the IPC of the Territory they left from to the end of the “chain”, so that way you put them at Factories where you would expect centers of roads/rails.

    Heavy Tank 3-4-1-8 w/ 2 hits seems too strong. Perhaps 4-4-1-8 1 hit unit?

    Looking at a number of other items that got me going and will save for latter

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    Thanks for your feedback IL.

    I haven’t been using the spy because I wasn’t entirely happy with the way it turned out. My new R&D rules makes giving the spy the ability to develop weapons a red herring. If I get back to using it I think I might just allow him to give the nation a heads up for an upcoming attack and allow that player to move one unit (like what already exists). If you seen the game I played with my house rules you see what happens when the same side keeps getting the spy. It unbalanced the game.

    The reason that I start the game with some of these units and infrastructure is because I want every nation to be able to use them regardless of their income. I don’t want the rich nations to be the only ones who have railways and combat units. I had originally held some of the railway tokens back and put them up for purchase which worked pretty well too. The problem was that they were all snatched up by the end of the Japanese turn and I didn’t want to put more out because I didn’t want rails all over the board.

    I realize that the hospital idea isn’t for everyone but I can tell you that you sure get excited when one of your infantry gets a second chance at life. Kinda like the feeling when your AA shoots down a bomber. It doesn’t take as much extra time as you think because hardly any of them ever survive, as long as you have a bunch of 12 sided dice that you can resolve quickly.

    The 2 rules that I’m most happy with are the Special Forces and the R&D. I love the fact that the SFU can move far enough that you can actually use it to do something that makes a difference. The R&D turned out even better than I thought it would because of the strategy that it has added to the game. I’m going to focus now on the weapons themselves to see if I can improve that. Maybe throw some of my other house rules in there as R&D weapons instead of everyone having them. I have enough self propelled artillery now for each nation that I could use that too.

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    Have to also mention, im a fan of having the Azores as the means to bombing USA with long range Axis aircraft. Most of my maps have this important island group.

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    Wouldn’t the Azores be a strict neutral though? It would be pretty easy to take out those bombers with a few transports and a small American navy.

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    yes strict, but at least the Axis have the option or house rules for Spain can enter the picture and Portugal could go 5th column due to Spain’s influence

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    What does 5th column mean?

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    The Nazi practice of infiltration of the politics of a neutral they want on their side. They finance, provide support and weapons to overthrow and supplant the existing government.


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