Global War 1936/39 Expansions

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    I’ve bought all of the country-themed expansions except the one for Turkey, which is currently sold out.

    I’ve also purchased many after-market pieces from HBG, FMG (the Italians), and Airfix.

    I find that the rules for the G1936 game are clunky and that, while the map is gorgeous, territory distribution doesn’t suit the vision I have for a modified game. I’m trying to figure out how to print an alternative map for that reason.

    I think the next expansion HBG offers should be focused on South America, providing pieces for Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Perhaps something titled “Under the Southern Cross.”

  • They currently have a South American Expansion in the works but will be released later this year.

    I remember speaking with Doug about the next expansions a few weeks back and I think he said " Soviet Super Weapons "  " Winter War" ( which will revolve around the Soivet union and Finland ) and " The Battle of Britain"

    either way I’m always interested in seeing which work best with others.

    For example when " The battle of the Atlantic" comes out I for the life of me can not see Plan Z working hand and hand with the cost of waging a Navel campaign and also making sure you have enough IPP left to keep your army strong and moving along.

    So its going to be interesting which I wanna use and such

    for example our next game we will be using the 39 set up and in our 36 games we always play with the Spanish Civil war but in 39 I think I will implement the Turkey expansion to off set Spain.

  • I’m excited to purchase some of the expansions like Turkey, the Netherlands, Croatia, and Winter War but noticed a bunch of them are sold out.  I’ve just recently become familiar with Historical Board Gaming’s Website and was wondering if they restock their expansions often.  In my experience while waiting on different battle pieces it can take some time for them to replenish their stock.  I can be patient but was wondering if they always restock or if certain expansions are no longer available.  Thanks for time!

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    Before you drop the money on an expansion your on the fence about. Download the rules and try it out. With spare pieces or something.

    I did that with the fighting railroad expansion. It was not available later when I wanted it, so I just ordered the acrylic tokens and units separately. Love it! We dont use many others yet but we haven’t tried all of them. Netherlands sometimes but British could realy be hamstrung by losing the dutch money for themselves. Let the British player decide. Its 50/50 for our games so far when we try it.

    Really hope the expansion in South America works out. We are considering testing a few variations of our own. Mainly to invole the continent that usually gets ignored completely.

    Got a buddy with a few different 3d printers and materials. He keeps having issues with cooling times between layers. Printing in quantity helps but not enough. The parts are so small if anyone has a good result in 3d printing units please let me know, what material type and brand you are using. Ours endup being semi melted usually or leaning with the fan. Its more art than machine it seems. Or we need to drop a few thousand on a high end printer making it not worth it.

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    HBG is live streaming a playtest on Saturday on their Youtube Channel. They said they are going to use all of their expansions in the game for the first time. Tomorrow they are doing WW1 on live stream. Right now they are doing 2025.

  • I saw several of those expansions in their bins during the play-test weekend.  I would recommend contacting Mr. Friend about them.  I know for a fact that they have some Croatia and a few Winter War.  Didn’t really look into the others.

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