• Latly I’ve been getting into some scenarios for A&A. There is a couple of 1939 and 1941 games that i really like. THere is just one thing. in both of them, there is a british inf in singapore, which is the city at the bottom of the pennisula in indo-china burma. there is jap units at indo-china burma too, so how can they share??? please help!

  • Its fun making your own scenarios. I’ve even made a fun WWIII. US, NATO, Japan vs China, Russia, Minor Opposition

    fun game, but uses the 1939 World at War map (much better for scenarios, more detailed)

    just my 2 ipcs

  • Axis and allies Europe does this With Leningrad and Stalingrad.

  • Nope, just a regular zone worth 1 ipc and having an industrial complex.

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