Air Units & Enemy Territory (Rule Clarification)

  • Quick Question for ya folks!
    in the rules it says “Air units can move through a hostile space as if it were friendly.”
    Does this also include sea zones?
    I know that planes can pass over hostile zones when conducting bombing raids, and i know they can pass over enemy zones that are completely unoccupied, but can they pass over ships, enemy planes & ground units? I heard in earlier versions of the game that AAA would even get to shoot at planes that passed over, but that this was not in G40 Second Edition (obviously)
    I had also thought that this was not the case. Have I been missing a massive part of the usefulness of air units?

    I feel like such a novice from this! LOL
    Thanks in advance! And you’re welcome for the facepalms if this is indeed true. 😛

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    Good day jman.
    You are right: It does indeed include Sea Zones. Air units are not fired upon for flying to and from their target territories. They are the most versatile and dangerous units in the game, able
    to project power, often without even moving!
    They were liable to AA fire in the earliest versions. You remembered well.

  • Yes planes can pass over any zone that contain enemy ships, enemy planes, or enemy units. Planes cannot pass over neutral countries. In sbr’s they have to fight their way in if escorted or not if they are intercepted. After the interception or not then they get shot at by aaa and then if they survive that they get to bomb the factories and the tac bomber’s can bomb the airfields and naval bases. You are right that in the older version the aa was always active but not anymore. Hope this helps! 🙂

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