What about that unnamed red island in the Baltic Sea?

  • Can allies land on it?

  • I think your refering to Hango (part of finland) no you cant. You can only land on territories that have a name.

  • That makes sense.

    Also, if I was Germany, could I land on Iceland without first sending a transport there? I have never been sure about this. There are no units there, so it wouldn’t be combat, but it isn’t technically mine.

  • land units are always required to claim a territory

  • I realize that victorious ground troops are required for aircraft to land in enemy territory, but it just doesn’t make sense that you can’t land on unoccupied enemy territory. So let’s say I’m a German pilot. I see Iceland and no Allied troops are present, but since the island is claimed by the Allies, I can’t make a landing there and I run out of fuel and crash. It makes no sense at all…

  • Well if your going to think of it like that, then the moment you take your units off any territory then it would mean that you have NONE there at all, which if your Germans would be bad news because the Guerilla or Partisan forces would immediatelly retake it. So when a territory has no units on it, but is still claimed by a specific country i think of it as that country has garrison troops there but none of actual combat effectivness :)

    Thats just how i rationalize it… (America actually did have troops stationed in Iceland during the war, it was there that a US destroyer engaged a German U-Boat, neither was sank and the report was made so close to Germany’s declaration of war that it is hardly made notice of)

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