How do you guys rotate for new games?

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    Just wondering if anyone has some wisdom or some kind of formula for changing chairs to start a new game. We have six players and would like to have everybody play each nation equally with an equal amount of time playing with/against the other players.

    We’ve tried drawing roundels out of a hat, but this often results in getting the same country or the same players on your side as last game.

    We’ve also tried having everybody scoot to the right for a new game. This lets you play each country, but you never get to play with the 4th guy around the table, he’s always on the opposing side. And its always the same 2 guys on either side of you.

    Just wondering if anybody has an idea that I haven’t discovered?

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    Maybe these two additional restraints might help:
    No player may play same side more than two in a row.
    No player may play same Power in a row, for up to three games.
    (Cannot play US, IJN, US, for instance.)

    Draw as usual, one at a time.
    If a player cannot play that one, he pick another one then return the other roundel.

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    Der. I’ll post later what I use .

    I removed my post because it was all over the place. I’ll post what I use with scheduling chart also.

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    Just a simple chart you can use and if you got time u can change the numbers for players or Countries but when I went every other axis and allies in number chart then a player would end up playing the same country within 6 games.

    Players                                                                                       Countries
           1           2           3          4          5          6                                       1            2            3            4           5         6
         Joe        Rich      Tony     Jim      Larry    Ray                                   Ger      Japan      Italy      Russia     UK      USA

    Schedule Chart                                                                                                                              
                      Ger     Japan     Italy     Russia     UK      USA                                                                          
    Game 1      Joe      Rich      Tony       Jim       Larry    Ray                        Game 1            1 - 2  3 - 4  5 - 6

    Game 2     Larry     Jim       Joe         Ray       Rich    Tony                       Game 2            5 - 4  1 - 6  2 - 3

    Game 3     Tony      Joe      Rich       Larry      Ray     Jim                         Game 3            3 - 1  2 - 5  6 - 4

    Game 4     Rich      Ray      Jim         Joe        Tony   Larry                       Game 4            2 - 6  4 - 1  3 - 5

    Just a sample. The schedule does have some playing axis more than allies but for every six games that you go down the schedule than it will flip to the other way and every six games somebody plays a different country and with different sides.

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    Cool - thanks SS!

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    OK this is what I ended up doing - it turned out it wasn’t so hard after all.  🙂

    I made the simple chart below in a publisher program. On the second row of the chart I listed all of the players for the next game under the country roundel that they would be playing. (The roundels on the top row of the chart are placed in the order of the chairs around my game table.)

    For the following game, I put six roundels in a cup and drew at random what country Keith would play next - I kept any country but Italy as he already played Italy. Keith got the USA this time, so I set the USA roundel aside and drew for Max - any roundel but Germany as he already played Germany, and so on until line 2 was finished.

    For line 3, I put all the roundels back in the cup and started in column one with Tom - he could be any country but Italy or Japan this time, as he already played those two.

    Once I got down to line 5 and 6, some repeats began to appear. I had to manually switch a couple of players around, so they wouldn’t be playing the same country twice before playing all of them once.

    It only took a few minutes and now I have a schedule where for the next 12 games every player will play every country twice without sitting by the same people twice. This chart will also enable us to keep a record of wins-losses, number of rounds played, and even some kind of score could be recorded for game results and added up over time so players can track their performance.

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    Cool !  I new you could some how adjust it to where u play with not the same guys. I just didn’t go further and I figured u would come up with something once u sat down and looked at things .

    Did the chart I told you to use help in any way ?

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    Yes it kind of helped steer me this direction - thanks SS!

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