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    The power of Italy is that the USSR can’t stack a second line for the counterattack, because he knows the counterattack stacks standing behind the infantry screen aren’t safe unless they are a full fledged force with protective aircraft to boot

    Not sure why several people are stating that this doesn’t work for them or that they don’t use this tactic–same with the SBR discussion of weeks past.  If you’re doing it correctly, it forces USSR to react, it makes the German invasion easier and faster, and forces the turtle on Moscow sooner.  Same with SBR–if you are hitting all his factories he’s spending money on repairs, not armor and planes, which are his counterattack units.

    In our last 2 global games, the Allies won, a big reason for this was that Germany avoided the vanilla direct approach, wasted a fair amount of his $$ on navy, and never really formed the big armored+mech 2 team spearheads that Russia can’t stop.  They still SBR’d and harassed Russia to a degree, but Moscow was never really threatened in either game.  Areas like UK and N Africa became targets instead, but they are Axis distractions in most games.

    Without the coordinated attack on Russia, and without using all the tactics at your disposal, the game isn’t going to be all that biased towards the Axis.

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