• Do you think it would be possible to take on UK and Russia at once:

    1. Large group of transports and a few destroyers in the north, within range of both
    2. Large group of bombers along the north and east, within range of both

    If you got lucky, UK wouldn’t see it coming. If UK sees it coming, they will slow down helping Russia. If this is possible, then eitherway would be good for Germany.

  • Won’t work, too much transports is suicide for germans, easily destroyed and lots of IPC lost.

    You must decide where you want to go, here is a very good strategy that gives you time to choose your options.

    Use your start 12IPC for destroyer to baltic.

    1st Round save 28IPC
    -Buy only 1 Destroyer
    -Make strafe attacks on soviets and keep yourself strong on the eastern front, but don’t try to start the drive to moscow yet.
    -Destroy all UK navy w/subs and planes
    -Land your planes to norway or France so that they are in range of london.
    -Move Italian navy to gibraltar

    2nd Round if the UK didn’t buy any land troops and bought only navy. You have now 2 choices try Operation Sea Lion or start your push to Russia. With 68+ IPC you have lot’s to choose your approach.

    Operation Sea Lion (This can be tried if the allies don’t take moves to prevent Operation Sea Lion)

    Buy 1BB 1Bomb 3trans 1art or land troops.

    -Use your remaining subs and planes to wipe the UK navy or USA navy, if there is one.
    -Position troops so you have balanced attack to UK on turn 3.
    -Move Italian navy to position where they can attack UK
    -Keep your eastern front strong, but keep forces in position to attack UK.
    -Clear the soviet sub trying to block, so there will be no blockers to prevent you moving to english channel, same thing for the italian navy, destroy the USA navy if it has been moved to block your attack from there.

    Turn 3

    -Move your baltic fleet next to UK and load 3inf 3art 2arm to transports.
    -Try moving the Italian fleet to attack the UK.
    -Attack UK w/3(+1 italian)inf 3(+1)art 2arm and all fighters and 2bombers
    -Move troops so that you can begin your next wave on turn 4
    -If the attack succeeds you should get the UK plunder and have about 50+IPC and UK is totally wasted from the game, you only have to worry USA counter-attacking your position in UK, and they will maybe succeed once, but on Turn 4 your second wave wipes them out.

    If the UK and USA reinforce the UK too much, turn 2 buy with 68+ IPC Land troops and start your drive to moscow. Nothing changed, but you used 1 turn to check your options.

  • Wow, great strategy

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