• I’m a classic rock fan stuck in an era of… different musical styles. Here is my list, I’d be interested to see yours.

    1. Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa
    2. Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf
    3. Black Water by the Doobie Brothers
    4. White Riot by The Clash
    5. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama by Frank Zappa
    6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles
    7. Zoot Allures by Frank Zappa
    8. Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back by Meatloaf
    9. Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles / Joe Walsh
    10. The Torture Never Stops by Frank Zappa

    You guys?

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    My List:

    1. Rage in Eden-Ultravox
    2. The Garden- John Foxx
    3. More than this- Bryan Ferry
    4. Trojan Blue-Icehouse
    5. Fade to Grey- Visage
    6. Radioactivity- Kraftwerk
    7. Victory of love-Alphaville
    8. We are Glass-Gary Numan
    9. Something in the Air- Yukihiro Takahashi
    10. Same old Scene- Roxy Music
    11.Seigfreids Funeral March- Wagner

  • Not in order:

    Helter Skelter- Beatles
    When the Man comes around- Johnny Cash
    Anarchy in the UK- Sex Pistols
    Rambling Man- Hank Williams Sr.
    Rape this Day- Tomahawk
    So Long Superman- Firewater
    I’m your late night evening prostitute- Tom Waits
    Lust for Life- Iggy Pop
    I’m Afraid of Americans- David Bowie
    Cats, Sex and Nazis- Nomeansno

  • Welcome to the jungle-Guns and Roses
    So Cold- Breaking Benjamin
    Polyamorous- Breaking Benjamin
    Getting away with murder-Papa Roach
    Superstition-Rob Zombie
    Blow Me Away- Breaking Benjamin

    not in order, but htese are my favs

  • Yanny, you made an error…

    My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama is Dweezil Zappa, not Frank.

    Surprised to see some heavy hitters not listed, no Pink Floyd yet?

    OK, for me…

    Anything by The Alan Parsons Project, but especially Turn of a Friendly Card album, and Instrumental Works
    Gerry Rafferty, Baker Street
    Gordon Lightfoot, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
    Pink Floyd, The Wall
    Night Ranger, Halfway to the Sun (from their 5th Album, Man in Motion)
    Foreigner, Four album (and of course Records)
    ABBA, The Singles album
    Waylon Jennings, Greatest Hits
    Bob Seeger, Turn the Page
    Shane Stewart, Coven Grows album

    Rather eclectic list, huh?

  • Switch, you are mistaken. You are also talking to one of the biggest Zappa fans on earth 🙂 1352 songs on my hard drive.

    My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama was written by Frank Zappa on the Weasels Ripped My Flesh album in 1970. Dweezil was 1 year old.

  • OK, call me ALSO correct.

    Dweezil did an album by that title. 😛

    Or one of my Zaapa faves…

    I want a horny little Jewish Princess
    With a brand new nose
    Who knows where it goes…

  • He covered his father 🙂

    It’s good to find another Zappa fan. They are rare these days.

  • You can thank a guy I knew in Fort Benning for that…

    And, so that the Christians don;t feel left out…

    Catholic Girls, with their tiny little moustache…

  • Lotsa favorites, but here are some, in no order…

    She’s The One; by Tom Petty
    Right Down The Line; by Gerry Rafferty
    Stealin’ Time; by Gerry Rafferty
    Wish You Were Here; by Pink Floyd
    I Won’t Back Down; by Tom Petty
    One Headlight; by The Wallflowers
    Here He Comes (Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette); by The Wallflowers
    The Long Way Home; by Norah Jones
    Walk On Water; by Aerosmith

  • Another Gerry Raffery fan?  WOW!  What are the odds???

  • Well, I’d call the odds good; after all, Rafferty’s the man 😉 :D.

  • Damn you, Yanny!  You’re trying to steal my identity!
    I’m also a huge Zappa fan.  And, While My Guitar Gently Weeps is my favorite Beatles song (although I’m not much of a fan).

    Here are some of my favorites (but I never can remember exactly at a moment like this):

    Sofa #1 - FZ (really, anything off of One Size Fits All).
    Watermelon in Easter Hay - FZ
    What’s New in Baltimore? - FZ
    We Are Not Alone - FZ
    Spanish Bombs - The Clash
    When the Levee Breaks - Led Zep
    The Go! Team - Anything off of Thunder, Lightning, Strike
    A Different City - Modest Mouse
    El Scorcho - Weezer
    Undone - Weezer
    Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
    100% Dundee - The Roots
    Pack The Pipe; Oh Shit; Somethin’ That Means Somethin’ - The Pharcyde
    At Last - Etta James
    Bell Bottom Blues;Wonderful Tonight - Clapton
    Just about anything from the Brand New Heavies
    I Walk the Thinnest Line - Dead Milkmen
    Green Corn - NOFX
    The Rise & Fall of Sodom & Gomorrah - Therion

    Of course, there’s more, more more, but we could each take up years writing that out, right?
    By the way, Zappa has material being rereleased on DVD.  It may have been out for a bit, but I thought you might want a heads-up.

  • Awesome! Another Zappa fan. You just named four of the most kick ass Zappa songs ever written. I love Watermelon… hell I love the entire Joe’s album.

    I am aware of the dvd. Dweezil was supposed to being doing a Zappa plays Zappa tour soon, but I don’t think that it ever got off the ground. I am waiting for the bastard to release his father’s last two years of work that still has not been published.

  • Yeah…inherited the Zappa taste from my father.  I could listen to the entire Joe’s Garage in one sitting (I guess that’s the intent), then start it over again.

    My guess would be that the Zappa family is milking the vault for all its worth.  Biding their time to release new stuff to keep people like you and me hooked for decades after Frank’s death.  I’d heard about the tour thing, but my guess is Dweezil (& Ahmet) has plummeted from his semi-glory on the USA show “Happy Hour.”  Ever see it?

  • Nope. Ahmet also had a trivia show for a really short period of time. Don’t know what happened there.

    It’s too bad that Frank is dead. Can’t you just imagine him as an 80 year old composer in front of an orchestra?

  • I’m glad he got to do a bit before he went; but if he were still alive I’m sure he would be doing just that, and doing it well.  Not to mention I’m sure he’d be raising well with Bush & co., or Gore again had he been elected.  Probably Kerry, too.

    I remembered a few songs I just had to add:

    Velouria - The Pixies
    Karma Police - Radiohead
    Think - Curtis Mayfield

    This topic will never die…

  • To true.

    Is there anybody here that likes slipknot?

  • Not my kind of music 🙂

    Let’s expand this (I’m a music geek). 10 favorite artists:

    1. Frank Zappa
    2. Meatloaf
    3. Jimmy Buffet
    4. The Clash
    5. Deep Purple
    6. Joe Walsh / The Eagles
    7. The Who
    8. Billy Idol
    9. Billy Joel
    10. Stephen Sondheim (if he counts?)

  • at the moment (it goes in cycles, generally): (no particular order)

    1. The Killers
    2. System of A Down
    3. RHCP
    4. The Beatles (so much music that I love, it just has to be included)
    5. Staind (haven’t listened in awhile, but a great group)
    6. Audioslave
    7. Beck (mostly older stuff, some of the new stuff is good though)
    8. Sting/The Police
    9. Matisyahu (If you’ve never heard a hassidic-Jewish Reggae song, this is the place to start. Religious message behind all the songs, but damn good reggae)
    10. Gorillaz

  • Billy Joel!!! 😮 😮 😮 Must kill!!! :x :x :x

  • Don’t hate the happy music  😄

  • Sorry, I like evil bands. :evil:

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    Oh listen to a band called Morbid Angel… they are the worst of that genre…Sounds like Satan himself singing

  • @M36:

    Billy Joel!!! 😮 😮 😮 Must kill!!! :x :x :x

    Spoken from a true terrorist.  :evil:
    Actually, I nearly feel the same way about Elton John, on a certain (read:most) songs.

    I’m compiling my list of musicians.  Never can seems to remember off the bat…

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