Canada as separate power?

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    If we can have ANZAC, why not Canada?

    Would make Sea Lion less attractive of course. I think it is a bit naff that if Sea Lion happens the Canadian income and factory become useless.

  • I have a thread where I argued this as well because I notice that Canada has its own icons. The backlash came from two thing: One, if you take the literal setup as is, I believe Canada will only have 9 ICP to start with only one factory. Two: you basically made UK loose 9 ICP against Germany.

    I still believe Canada SHOULD be another allied minor power but you will have to change the game board.

  • 2019 '15 '14

    The most comprehensive method I’ve seen so far for integrating Canada into the game is presented in the sticky thread above called “Halifax.”

    But even there, Canada is not treated as a fully separate player/nation, but rather as part of a Commonwealth player nation (ie joined to Anzac rather than UK.)

    To make Canada a truly separate power would require additional sculpts. Another possibility, not requiring sculpts would be to give them a separate economy (similar to the way UK/UK Pacific are separated.) Both approaches can be problematic from a cash/production standpoint.

    If anyone has ideas for this, that weren’t covered in Halifax, hit me with a link and I’ll put it in the HR master thread.

  • 2019 2017 '16

    New sculpts isn’t an issue for Triple-A play though. In the same way as we’ve added a new unit in Balanced Mod - marines.

    I count 7IPC. Interesting idea about just having a separate economy.

    The major problem with this is that it weakens the allies further.

  • You would have to historically research both UK and Canada’s true GDP standpoint in 1940. It would be very easy to make UK have more money with more territory like adding islands, making Wales its own territory, Making Africa more accurate, I hate the fact territories under nations have zero ICP worth, I find it dumb.

    I still champion Canada as its own power otherwise why did the creators even give Canada maple leaves instead of union jacks?

    But you’re also talking to a player who thinks the board needs to be redone to make Brazil, Hungary, Austria, Finland and Romania as powers too.

  • The setup would need to be more modified, I know Canada’s military at the start of WWII was very small for its size but in terms of Axis and Allies G40, you would have one infantry in Hong Kong, and two infantry in UK. As far as NO goes, they’re not a lot to work with. One should be if Canada gets units on France, 5 ICP and if Canada can keep Sea Zones between Canada and UK open, 5 ICP. If you want add more history, you could make a NO for Canada keeping one surface ship in Asian UK territory Sea Zones.

  • At a minimum, seems that Canadian IPCs should be builds in Canada (but they are not restricted to that number).

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    If you give 1 more IPCs per TTy, Canada reach 12 (7+5TTy), and now this increase with 10 IPCs NOs may allows an interesting Power which can be useful in some can-opener.
    OK UK lost 7 IPCs, it loose 2 ground units on UK per turn.
    But Canada may now gives help, if around 22 IPCs, it may bring 2 Inf for 14 IPCs, 1 DD for 8 IPCs.
    for Sea-Lion. Or 2 Fgs in faster way.

    And this is probably enough to balance things.
    France can also be played by Canada player to increase action.

  • I’ve been experimenting with what Canada could do but if Canada goes on its own, it will end up just acting as an auxiliary force for the allies.

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    If you make canada a separate power, it might help to also have some sort of lend-lease. That way the UK/USA could send them units directly. Obviously you’d need a limit on how much and probably no inf.
    At least with an extr ftr/bmbr and transport or something to the effect, they could buy some dudes and hit Juno beach.

  • We talked about it with other players and Canada’s NO is going to small but concentrated to its role which is why the three I said were most likely going to be it.

    NO for units in France
    NO for no Axis subs in the SZ’s between UK and Canada
    NO for a surface warship off UK Asian territories

    This next one seems dumb but it works for history

    NO for having at least one infantry in Aleutian Islands.

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