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Axis and Allies D-Day Pre-Order May 2017

  • https://www.amazon.com/Avalon-Hill-C3400000-Allies-D-Day/dp/B01MTJ8U17/ref=dp_ob_title_toy

    Can it be that AH/WotC are re-releasing: D-Day, Guadalcanal, and Battle of the Bulge?

  • The AH logo on the box is different as well:

    Here is the pre-order:

    Here are the previous release versions of the AH logo

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    That is interesting news! I thought AH was done with the AA franchise. Hopefully these new releases will workout positive and they might consider a new AA game 🙂

  • 2018 2017

    there goes my collectability 🙂

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    there goes my collectability

    On the other hand, this reprint will create an opportunity to stock up on those neat little blockhouse units that were only ever issued with A&A D-Day.

  • 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 '14 '13 Moderator

    And I have lost the German Reinforcemdnt Chart!
    Those Blockhouses are so easy to lose: perfect vacuum cleaner material.

  • 2018 2017 2016

    There are blockhouses in stock at HBG. A little pricey though.

  • 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 '14 '13 Moderator

    Thanks. I have managed without the 3 or 4  missing Blockhouses, but have been unable to play since I discovered the Reinforcement achart was missing. It was the one gane my wife would gladly play, too.
    If there is a reprint, I will buy my best friend a copy and get him to make me a chart .

  • Yes! This is great news indeed!

  • 2018 2017

    Its ok news.  The reinforcement chart is one of the coolest things about DDAY, its historical, well illustrated, supercool…

    then you just randomly roll to see which units arrive, which is totally unrealistic, totally imbalanced (some turns you get 2 units, sometimes 12…it all evens out), and walks away from the uniqueness that the chart (hey, 4th infantry div. sweet, oh they’re late…now they’re dead…)

    The game play is also super-capricious, its very hard to understand from a trad.  AxA perspective of “hey I stacked now I assault”.  Its more like how Guadalcanal or WW1 operates…build up a bunch of cool stuff outside the standard game economy and now it all explodes kinda unpredictably according to a new, totally rebalanced combat system.  This part is fine and its also different, but the problem is that its hard to tell whether what you are doing is effective or thoughtful because pretty much when the dice start rolling, everything gets slaughtered.  Your job isn’t so much to keep your units or assets alive as it is to buy every last ounce of time and space before game end, so it feels a bit more like checkers than chess.

    Still, we should welcome the fact that something moved…it means we’re not dead yet

  • Why is there no official announcement from Avalon Hill on this?  Something to build excitement

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    Why is there no official announcement from Avalon Hill on this?   Something to build excitement

    It may not be a new development.  I picked up a copy of D-Day at a local retail game store just one or two years ago, and this wasn’t a shop that sells antiques.  I can’t recall what the cover logo looked like, but the British pieces inside were in the current tan colour rather than in the cream colour of the original D-Day release (which I remember quite well because I’d bought that extra copy in the hope of getting more cream-coloured UK units, since I own an old copy of the game).  I also think (but I’m not sure) that the German tanks were the new-version Panthers rather than the old ones. So it’s possible that D-Day has been reprinted on-and-off over the years and that this is just another reprint.

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    Why is there no official announcement from Avalon Hill on this?   Something to build excitement

    It’s not new, it’s just a re-print with the new logo added. They aren’t going to announce reprints usually. (note: some companies do and will announce reprints but AH does not).
    At best they let the distributors and wholesalers know and they in turn let their retailers know it’s coming.

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    I’ve attached below a picture I took yesterday of my old D-Day box and of the reprint I bought in 2013.

    Also attached is a picture I took of the units that were in the reprint.  The flash distorted the colours a bit; the pieces are in the current standard colours (Germany = black, UK = beige) rather than in the original D-Day colours (Germany = gunmetal blue, UK = cream).

    D-Day Printings.jpg
    Units in 2013 D-Day Purchase.jpg

  • The game is released and is ready for shipping.

  • 2017 2016 2015 '14 '13 '12

    Well just go ahead and re-produce Anniversary then why don’t ya?

  • 2018 2017

    My Amazon order was just updated with a delivery date, so this is indeed happening.

    Seems odd and out of the blue to re-release D-Day – does this mean there are plans to get Guadalcanal and BotB back in print, too?

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    Seems odd and out of the blue to re-release D-Day – does this mean there are plans to get Guadalcanal and BotB back in print, too?

    I doubt it.  D-Day has a track record of being reprinted from time to time.  Bulge and Guadalcanal don’t.

  • @hkytown1:

    Well just go ahead and re-produce Anniversary then why don’t ya?

    LOL, nice prediction.

  • Oh man those games are awful - complete disconnect from standard A&A Rules and on way smaller scales (Battle, Theater whatever).  The cover art on all of them are an embarrassing downgrade from what came AFTER them.  That artist sucks, check out the cover of A&A Revised (one of the worst A&A skus ever produced) it has a fucking Mussolini on it.  Wizards works with literally hundreds of artists for Magic and D&D and they cant get a new cover?  That runs like 3-4 grand, wow they are lazy.

    The cover of Battle of the Bulge has a friggin Nazi featured on it - and the tanks had to be corrected as the guy literally drew tanks from the Patton film (which were M48s & M41s) originally.  Thanks to a wonderful designer, those tanks were doppleganged into Tiger IIs and so don’t look so bad.  The only reason D-Day ever stayed in print is coz it’s cheap and so TRU “carried” it for a while.  Save your money these games are terribad.

  • 2018 2017

    Great for new players who what to give these older games a try!  🙂

    For player/collectors like myself, I feel a sudden drop in the price of my collectible copies…  😐

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