HBG GW39 Germany strategy and first moves

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  • 1. The obvious - avoid the miginot line but crash into France. Use your two attacks to knock out Paris. I usually invoke Vitchy then.

    2. using the same two turn deal - take Poland.

    3. Cripple the UK fleet as best you can.

    4. sack UK convoys with subs. You can really hurt them economically with this version.

    5. invest in tech. I might be old school but i’ve only invested in heavy tanks, Bombers and jets.

    6. use your free tech roll for V1/V2 rockets. You’ll use these to keep pressure on the UK. Bomber runs into London to hit factories (liverpool too) along with carpet bombing has suppressed the Brits in our games solidly.

    Thats how its been run with our first few games - roughly.

  • Don’t forget Denmark. You need to close the strait so the UK doesn’t sink your fleet.

    Regarding Paris, I would wait until round two (invoking the blitzkrieg in the 2nd round). It seems you loose a lot of expensive units if you take it in round one, as you lack most of your Infantry/artillery for cheap fodder.

  • billinjackson

    What free tech roll does Germany have?  I do not remember this one, did I miss something?

  • @Andy6049:


    What free tech roll does Germany have?  I do not remember this one, did I miss something?

    No free Tech roll. Consult the Tech Chart die rolls.
    Unless you mean for the 35,000 page rules for the 36,39 game.



    Really ? Why 39 now when u wanted 36.

    Take out London navy. You should have 5 subs (7or8) if you attack Canada navy 1st impulse and 3 surface ships if u don’t get diced. Or take Canada navy out 2nd impulse so they can’t build navy there UK T1.
    Impulse 1 take UK navy, Reims, Warsaw, activate Hungry, Romania and Finland.
    Impulse 2 take UK navy, Paris (no planes), Yugo, Narvik, German Cruiser take out UK tranny in SA, Vichy rolls, activate Bulgeria and land some figs in Romania so you can land them in Italy T2 in Torbuk.
    T2 take Holland (collect 18 icp), Denmark and Norway.
    This is the kinda normal moves in our games.

    This is for the 39 1st Edition map.

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