• OK… just trying to get the juices flowing…

    Have some thoughts in my head for a “Southern Strike” strategy as Japan.

    J1 build 3 trannies and 2 INF.
    Amphib into Bury, take China.  Trash UK fleet and Pearl.

    J2.  Build more trannies, loaded (at least 1 with ARM and INF, other with ART and INF).

    Send 1 ARM/INF loaded tranny south to FIC.  Offload for safety and defense.  Use other trannies to send INF and ART to Bury and/or Manchuria to support strikes there.

    J3.  Send another ARM/INF loaded tranny south.  Re-load the first 1 and head for Africa (SZ33).  Second tranny stops in FIC as before, then on to Middle East or Africa.  Keep building/loading trannies with INF and ART for northern and central Asia.  When trannies are emptied to Africa, return empty tranny to Japan or FIC for refill.

    Once IPC’s increase and build limit approaches, build FIC IC.

    The idea behind this strat is to maintain slow but steady pressure in northern and central Asia, picking up a few IPC’s here and there.  But with the main Japan push being against Africa (they’ll be arriving about the same time Germany loses their ability to make progress there) and to take soutehrn Asia.

    After a few rounds, Japan will have a large number of trannies, as well as land forces in Southern Asia (as well as their INF/ART streams in central and northern Asia) to pose a serious threat to Russia (especially their Caucuses IC) and to have significantly weakened UK’s economy that they should be able to make significant advances on Russia.

    Using this, or somethign like it, can Japan either take the Caucuses IC, or weaken Russian defenses to allow Germany to take it, to bring the Axis together in a fairly controlling position in the Middle East BEFORE the US and UK become too critical of a threat for Germany?

  • That is a pretty good idea,  whenever I’m japan I usually do that instead of concentrate on the north route.  People will argue that by going north you take IPC directly from russia but I argue that by goin south you can use more force help germany out and meet up and work together.

    Think about it if the axis seperated can win the game sometimes just think about if they work side by side.  I mean thats the only way the allies do so good is because the allies all work together.

    And by the time Japan gets buy moscow they usually dont have many forces there and are in range for an easy counter attack by russia.

  • It makes sense because the normal route either north or through the middle does tend to take a while, and good Allied players will try and put the hurting on Germany ASAP (i.e. landing in Africa on US1, Norway on UK1/2 at latest and possibly even Western Europe by turn 3 depending on German fortunes in Russia). As Japan you do need to take the heat off of Germany with the quickness. The backdoor to Caucuses is a fun way to go too, since Germany can pound on it and then Japan can finish it off before anyone can resupply (unless UK has somehow gotten troops into Russia via the north, but a good German player will counter that as well).

    You know, though, I’ve seen games where if Germany does not take out Africa on G1, the UK player will ferry over everything to India and IC that and keep pressure on Japan, counting on the US to liberate Africa and start pumping troops across Africa to counter Japan. I know it’s tough to pull off, but in order to do it Japan seems to have to forgo any other offensives in order to bring about the forces needed to dislodge India (with the support from Egypt, again if it hasn’t been taken).

    Let me ask, if Germany does not take Egypt but instead only kills all land forces (fighter remains), would you take the fighter off to India (and pull in the trans-jordan/ persia inf) or instead simply do the normal and pull all India forces into Egypt?

  • Let me ask, if Germany does not take Egypt but instead only kills all land forces (fighter remains), would you take the fighter off to India (and pull in the trans-jordan/ persia inf) or instead simply do the normal and pull all India forces into Egypt?

    I think I would defend India for at least one turn if Egypt wasn’t cracked open on G1. I would definitely sail all naval units through the canal except for the destroyer which is always going to target the kwangtung transport.

  • Switch,

    You are working very hard to develop a quality strategy for Japan.  Keep going with ideas, but I don’t want to give it away…unless I play you, of course 🙂


  • You have my curiosity piqued…

    As soon as this 5 player game ends, you are on for a match!

  • Switch,

    It will be my pleasure.

    My little brother asked me a few years ago to develop a better strategy for the Axis (this is for the original Axis and Allies).  He and his friends concluded the game was tilted in favor of the Allies and did not think to design a bid system.  I spent a considerable amount of time working out strategies, but I found it better to model the cash flow of the nations based on how the game is typically played out.  This yielded the basics for what potential nations can handle.  For example, does Germany have the starting unit strength and economic firepower to take Russia with reasonable odds (barring misplay on the Allied side)?  I measured combat odds from turn one to turn x.  I then had to develop a strategy for Japan to see what was efficient and what was not.  I too struggled with developing a strategy for Japan.  In days of old, I could conquer all of Asia but not finish off Russia.  I had trouble delivering the final blow, and that lead to my little brother actually beating me for the first time.  He remembers it well to this day.

    I believe I have solved the question of how to play Germany, and I know I have solved the question of how to deal the death blow to Russia.

    All I have to do now is prove it.  Then again, I could be a maniac and not know how to play at all.


  • Well, based on posts in the 5 player thread, you will get our chance this week…

    As soon as that game ends, I’ll be here ready to take you on…

    Revised, no tech, no NA’s, no bid.  Daak Dicey, physical boards… 10 VC’s or surrender…

    I look forward to seeing what you got…

  • Sounds juicy.

    I do wish to warn you that I will be leaving town this Saturday until Monday afternoon.  I was hoping to squeeze in a game before then, but I have waited this long, I can wait longer.  I just didn’t wish to surprise you.

    During play, I should be able to crank out turns pretty fast.  Daak Dicey is new to me, but as long as I still get options for casualties on odd battles (subs…etc) it is fine with me.  I should not have trouble dedicating time to belt out a game.


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