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    I was talking with one of my YouTube subscribers named Dan who suggested to me the value of a naval base for Japan on Java… the range is incredible, has anyone else explored this idea?

  • It certainly is a good option if you have enough amphibious troops to threaten taking ANZAC’s Capitol, although it wouldn’t be worth sending four loaded transports on a suicide mission down there.  There aren’t enough PU’s to make the sacrifice worthwhile.

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    When I first started playing global I did it. Messes with your calcs as allies. Expensive as ShadowHawk implies. You don’t want to lose it. If you do you usually are on the downhill anyway, not always.

    One on New Guinea is cool too I think.

  • If your fleet is sitting in New Guinea, chances are that the Allied fleet has retreated all the way back to Hawaii since the Pacific has been splintered.  At that point you might as well just relocate to the Carolines which is easy for the supply lines and already has Naval & Air bases.  New Guinea is two moves away from factories in Japan and Mainland Asia, while Carolines can be supported in one round from almost anywhere.

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    Actually I got stuck there and needed ANZAC air to survive. Went big after that. Doesn’t happen a lot : )

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    Interesting idea with New Guinea for a naval base. You’re out of range of SZ6 but in range of all the DEI and Chinese coast, plus Hawaii. A lot of suicidal transports is the plan? Or perhaps just one to Manchuria and USSR reinforcement? Either way, Japan needs to be on its guard everywhere with that one. I’d presume you’d take Palau and the Carolines to prevent bombers reaching - or land planes from the Philippines.

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    Was just trying to get the US into the fight. Landed at NG. ANZAC bought a AB for defense. After that figured wth get a NB too. Not much of a strategy really, other than engage JPN units and kill them.

  • Java would be nice with a NB in late game but there are far more interesting islands out there in the pacific like Marianas for example.
    Marianas offers more tacticle features then you think.
    You may even build a NB on J1 without putting your Plans in danger.

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    NG NB can only reach a line of empty sea territories
    Marianas NB can only reach SZ 5 that an existing base couldn’t
    Java is only 1 space from an existing base and you can only add the distance to SZ 62 and SZ 63 which are both easily blocked though you can still reach SZ 54 in any event without the base

    You get a Free Base on

    Hong Kong

    Why would you spend 15$ on moving 1 space one time at the point in the game where Japan has to shift from defense to offense?

    An air base would be far better as you can protect a fleet in being that permanently blocks allied progress, or an allied AB that prevents the spearhead from being destroyed

  • My opinion is it would just depend on where the UK and US fleets in the region are because if you get a cowardly US player, nothing beats a fleet on Carolina.

  • The thought was that after Calcutta you would only need 1 more victory city. Sydney or Honolulu being the best options. Sydney is 2 turns away with the naval base…over or UNDER Australia. Going underneath makes it harder for Anzac to spare two blockers. Plus underneath makes it hard for America to block as they can only really help defend north of sydney…or counter attack once it falls. A lot depends upon in game variables with fleets.

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    That’s true, that you only need to grab that last capitol.

    Problem with putting bases on java is that java is the prime target for the allies when they come a-knocking.  If you’re only thinking about how Japan can take advantage, recall that by this point in the game (India down, spice 3/4 held, turn 4+) the allies are about to TAKE java or threaten Japan.  That area of the map usually isn’t a vacuum its full of allied ships and planes by midgame.

  • If you are looking for a different outlook on Japan I would offer this.

    The Solomon Island’s is 2 SZ from 2 Victory Cities. It is a very large sea zone that cuts the USA to ANZAC supply line totally in half., It is also in 2 SZ range of New Zealand. Put a air base in the Solomon’s and stage your navy in the Solomon’s instead of the Caroline Island chain. With a air base/ FTR’s + Your naval presence + TRS with troops.  It is a tough nut to crack for the Allies in less they go at right off the bat before it builds up because IF they do not. Japan can now threaten both Hawaii and Sydney with a 1 turn move.

    Putting a port in Java sounds cool BUT it does not actually threaten anything with much force. Staging your primary navy in Java to threaten to go in 3 directions is not that powerful especially in the early game when you are on total offense. When you go on total defense in terms of navy. As the board stands Caroline Islands is your front line defense and the Phillipines is your fall back SZ.

    The other issue I have with this is Java is on the very South West of your naval empire. Even with a naval base it is 2 turns away from the central Pacific and the main land. IF the USA pushes hard into the central pacific and takes, let say, Caroline Islands, then your java base is so out of position they cannot react with offense only defense. Phillipines is now in striking range of the Caroline islands and it forces Japan to go on defense from that attack. IF japan ignores the Caroline threat, well, USA has been given free reign to do what ever they want.

    The power of the 0 IPC islands that are in the central pacific is that Japan can launch air strikes from the mainland, mainly with Bombers out into the central pacific and land on those 0 IPC islands. IF the USA takes all the 0 IPC islands in the central pacific that totally negates japan air power into the pacific. The USA fleet can always stay 1 SZ farther away from the air power and stage land forces with no threat except for a Japan navy Banzai charge. Caroline Islands can threaten every single territory of importance for Japan,the entire coast of China up to Japan is a potential victim of a USA invading force.

  • I have weighed the Java naval base option and have come to a conclusion. In my opinion, the naval bases in Malaya, Philippines, Hong Kong, and the Caroline Islands have all of the range you need, that a base in Java would provide. You can see this for yourself by moving 3 sea zones away from Java in any direction, and see that the naval bases listed above can reach. Any operation that you may be considering in the Indian Ocean can be reached by the Malaysian naval base.

    Now moving forward with “new strategies” being conducted from a naval base in this location, I have come across a few that are feasible for the Japanese navy. During WWII there was an operation called “Divine Dragon Operation No.2” in which the Japanese used submarines to attack allied forces staged near Madagascar. You can tweak this real life scenario to fit your Japanese strategy in the Indian Ocean in a few different ways, that can be effective.

    First the Japanese can send submarines, to the eastern coast of Africa, effectively disrupting the convoy of three sea zones (71, 72, 80). This can disrupt a total of 12 IPC’s depending on the neutrality of some of the nations, but more realistically you can disrupt about 6 IPC’s a turn from the UK. Your 3 Japanese subs will cost only cost you 6 IPC’s because you already start the game with 2, and the likeliness of the UK being able to destroy these submarines will be low considering the first few rounds of the game will prove costly for the UK fleet. That being said, it is not of much strategic value to the Japanese to do this, unless you are assisting the Italians to take control of Africa. By diverting the UK, you open the door for Italy to make moves in northern Africa.

    The second strategy that I find more reliable for he Japanese, is to take South Africa at the beginning of J4. This would be possible, using landing forces, along with a few carriers. The UK would never see it coming until it was too late. At the end of J3 you can have an invasion force staged in SZ 75. The value is actually pretty great here. Japan although it does not have a bonus for doing so, would have about 10 IPC’s within just a few turns, cutting those IPC’s from the allies and mainly the UK. It also cuts any support from South Africa for the UK, making it easier for the Italian forces to take control of northern Africa. Alot of people will argue that this is a waste of Japanese naval forces, however by the beginning of turn 5, the Japanese can move their navy right back to the coast of West India, with an invasion force to assist in an attack on Calcutta on J6. Now this does leave your backside open for the US to move into northern waters, however with the appropriate defensive purchases, they should not be able to hold anything for a turn, leaving Japan in control of mainland, as well as having a strategic foothold in Africa.

    Now all of that being said, the additional naval base in Java is not necessary if you use the Malaysian naval base. This strategy has not been used very much at all, so I cannot give advise as to whether or not it is tried and true, I have considered this before, and do plan to implement it at some point. The Japanese navy did at one point consider taking Madagascar and a forwarding base, to destroy supply lines and communication for the allies in the Indian Ocean and East Africa, however the Admirals did not find it strategically necessary because they felt that the Allies could retaliate and destroy any Japanese forces in that area, because of weakened supply lines for the Japanese considering the distance.

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    I’ve found in a lot of games the bulk of the IJN sits on Java defensively and can’t reach the Carolines where the USN causes trouble.

    A naval base on Java threatens the USN/Anzac force which is a real annoyance for Japan. It also threatens SZ62.

  • I like all the commentary and creative ideas. Java may not be a go to every game strategy, but the Pacific is a game of logistics. If your opponent is out position it may be viable as ships return from Calcutta. Also, like sealion forces UK and America to respond differently than if they see barbarossa…threatening Anzac does shift USA focus. What good is is a push in the Pacific if they lose the last victory city? If they over commit to Anzac that leaves Honolulu more open to attack from japan’s new production. Remember if Calcutta has fallen, Japan should have a sizable income to compete with the USA.  At that point in the game it’s more about positioning as the battle goes on for the final city. In a good position America holds and wins through attrition. In a bad position…huge fleets out of range are useless. Shaving a turn of travel could be the difference maker.

  • I’ve lost ANZAC to Japan and US and I agreed not to waste the resources to liberate it and instead focus on invading Japan and I’ll take USSR and start liberating China.

  • @Polishpowerhouse:

    The thought was that after Calcutta you would only need 1 more victory city. Sydney or Honolulu being the best options. Sydney is 2 turns away with the naval base…over or UNDER Australia. Going underneath makes it harder for Anzac to spare two blockers. Plus underneath makes it hard for America to block as they can only really help defend north of sydney…or counter attack once it falls. A lot depends upon in game variables with fleets.

    Well, IF that is how you are looking at it. IJA takes Calcutta and all you need is Sydney or Hawaii.

    Then the plan of staging the IJN in the Solomon Islands is a better plan of attack for the IJN. It does not require a port, a airfield for defense is optional and it puts the USA and Anzac into a total “pickle” because they cannot join up because the Solomon island’s splits them in half.

    From the Solomon’s you could take New Zealand and then Strat. bomb ANZAC and basically just knock them out of the war by destroying their factory and convoying the crap out of them and focus 100% on taking Hawaii.

    ANZAC is toast, UK is toast or totally in effective to stop you. It is just Japan VS USA for one territory, the entire game is on the line. Japan has the advantage if you can reduce the game down to just take Hawaii and Axis win the game.

    Or just Japan VS ANZAC and the Solomon’s shield Japan from the backside and a USA counter attack / Relief force and ANZAC is most likely a push over.

  • @Caesar:

    I’ve lost ANZAC to Japan and US and I agreed not to waste the resources to liberate it and instead focus on invading Japan and I’ll take USSR and start liberating China.

    Now this is an interesting tactic that Japan can do that we do not normally experience. It is not a new or awe inspiring plan of attack BUT it is borderline all or nothing.

    Japan goes J1 DOW or J2 at the latest.

    Japan Navy goes all in at ANZAC. Stages in the Caroline Islands, sets ups the Queensland invasion. Japan Army goes all in on the UK crush plan of attack and forgets about holding North China and pushes all south. The Japan navy needs to go all in to defend their ANZAC gains from the USA and force the USA to banzai attack with what ever navy they have.

    By J5 ANZAC has fallen, perfect execution and ANZAC is out of the game on J4 and UK Pacific is on the ropes for a J6 conquest.

    End of J7 and Axis claim victory and the Allied players sulk in the corner drinking their beer and wondering, what just happened? or they hit the forum and complain that J1 is total cheese and the rules need to be amended.

  • You’ll lose Shanghai by J7 and quite likely not be able to get it back.

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