Is Pacific 1940 second edition out of print?

  • Is this set no longer available at retail? I can not find it anywhere. I did find it secondhand on eBay though.

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    As far as we know it’s currently between printings. I do know for sure that we can’t get a copy from our distributors right now though they haven’t told us when it will be back in.

  • Thanks for the info. Good news is it will be back in stock at some point. Bad news not sure when that will be. We are anxious to begin the plunge from 1942 second edition into 1940 Global.

  • I was able to get a pacific 1940 2nd from card kingdom. Got it Thursday, unfortunately it must’ve been on their shelf for years as the box was a disaster. Not that it effects the game play lol, but it’s falling apart so any storage will suck. Boardgamegeeks market has some for sale there

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    Although I haven’t bought an A&A game this way, you might try E-Bay, because even if its used, the seller will usually post pictures of the box and list what items are or are not included (if anything is missing)… I’ve had really good transactions on other old out-of-print games by going through E-Bay, including old out-of-print editions of Risk, Clue and other such games (for my kids… current prints suck compared to a lot of the older ones).

    I’ve gotten my hands on some mint-condition 20 year old games this way for a reasonable price.

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    Amazon currently has Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 2nd edition for $48 in case anyone is looking for a copy.

    edit: now down to $44

    Back up to $55 now

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