• Thinking about using a small fleet of transports in Black Sea to shorten travel time for Infantry between IC i will build in Romania on G1.  Here is what I am thinking for a Russian takedown

    G1- Major IC in Romania (30)
    G2-  buy 4-5 transports and 5 arty in Romania and Strat bomber  (using ICPS from)
    G3- attack Russia in Ukraine thanks to can opener by Italy and in Rostov with 5 Infantry and 5 arty
    G4- hit Volgograd with Ukraine Forces and Rostov Infantry and begin to Strat Bomb Moscow
    G5=  Buy arty and inf in minor ICS that have been captured and max tanks/Mec in Romania and bomb
    G6- all tanks
    G7- all units should be able to hit Moscow which has been under strat bombing by Italians and Germans since G4

    any ideas/thoughts

  • Just transports? No surface ships/airbase + ftrs to defend said transports? Kiss those transports goodbye then (Red Airforce from Moscow or Leningrad). And then there’s a lot of German IPC’s down the drain which makes uncle Joe happy.

  • good point!  Thinking about airbase and a few destroyers for cover.

  • That is a lot of resource being diverted from ground troops. The war with Russia is won on land.

    By the time you have bought a major IC, an AB, a bunch of destroyers and some TTs, you have spent 80-90 ipcs? That is a lot of ground units lost.

    Plus those TTs and destroyers are stuck in the Black Sea and redundant in a few turns time - unless you attack the strict neutrals.

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