Axis and Allies Players in France

  • Looking for any Axis and Allies players in France?  I live and work in the Brittany region of France and would like to get some people together for a tournament.

  • Hi, this post is quite old, but are you still looking for players? I m from the Mayenne/Orne region just east of Brittany, and will be back there in August (i know, that’s 7 months from now). Are you able to host? If so, where in Brittany?

  • Yeah I am still interested and will be around this summer if you would like to play. I would be able to host, that would be no problem.

  • Great! Tu parles francais? What version of the game do you have?

  • @Germanicus oui je parle Français mais j’ai du mal à écrire en Français alors je te réponds en Anglais. I have the 1940 version both europe and pacific and the 1942 game. I only have the 1942 rulebook in French. I could probably find a few more local players as well but they would be rookies. I have a 13 year old son who loves to play and is not to bad.

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