• Hi,

    did anyone play this map? It looks great but were the rules balanced or is the map big enough and in good quality?


    Please tell me your opinion!

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have this game.
    BUY IT !
    it plays well and is an excellent map with tons of options to explore.
    the rules are well written and clear.
    ralph fully supports his products and always answers any questions you may have about the game promptly!

    my favorite part is the battle in the Atlantic, it’s no longer three spaces between the U.S. and Germany.
    you now actually cross a ocean!

    get this game,hell tell ralph that THOES426 from Texas recomended it to you.

  • Wow, I think that out of all the A&A Maps I seen, this one takes the cake for sheer size. thoes426, do you know how much you paid for this?

    I’m sure by the looks of it, the Atlantic and the Eastern Front have been expanded to what they should be. Moscow in three turns!? Ha, not anymore. The convoy system from A&A:Europe is back too, which should be a great incentive for Germany’s u-boat fleet. There seems to be a lot of extra gameplay mechanics from territory to territory, but what I’m really hoping is if they come out with an entire World Map with Japan in the conflict. This way the Axis don’t suffer as much from the three against one affair.

    I paid $60 for the game and got the following:
    hugh ass map(duh)
    stack of $50 I.P.C.'s(about 20 or 30)(COOL!)
    set of stickers that have the symbol for the Axis Minor powers on them(put them on your Jap A.C.M.)
    set up charts
    referance charts
    The Eastern Front is massive and you don’t just walk into Russia and win in two or three turns. you must deal with weather(winter) and partisans, long supply lines. and cities(some area’s contain them and they must be captured inorder to gain control of that area.) there’s moutains, rivers, swamps,etc. it’s a hard fight for sure! but not impossible.
    and the Atlantic is hugh.
    when two ships/fleets come into contact(enter the others sea zone)
    you make a die roll for each ship in both fleets. if just one detects then combat may take place. if they don’t “spot each other”,
    then they may co-exist in the sea zone until the next turn or if they still have some movement,continue on their way.
    it’s awsome!
    and that’s not even all there is to the game.
    you spoke of a whole world map.
    Ralph does make and sale one.(but i don’t own it)
    He is in the early stages of making a “Pacific” map that will work along with the “Europe” map.
    I’ll say it again.
    tell Ralph “pete from texas” recomended it to you.

    Strength lies not in defense but in attack. - Adolf Hitler

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  • Wow, this sounds very well done. I’ve always been a stickler for logistics like supply lines and weather conditions. And variable terrain movement sounds great. I like the ship rule, but anything particular with U-boats?

    Does Ralph still do business? I’ve know I’ve been going to his website for at least 2-3 years now but probably paid more attention to various strategies. Also, I’m wondering if this game variant has anything like rail movement or rail transportation. Lately rail junction is something that’s implemented on many A&A type board games, and I was wondering if this was one of them.

    Ralph is still very much in business.
    U-Boats in this game come in two sizes.
    Coastal and Ocean.
    Coastal must stick to the coastline and move only one sea zone per turn. they attack at a two for the first round of combat, then at a one for the others(if any) they defend on a two or less. they cost 10 I.P.C., and take just one turn to be produced.

    Ocean subs may go out to the deeper water to hunt! they attack and defend the same as Coastal’s. but can move two sea zones. they cost 18 I.P.C.

    special rules for Germany only!
    you may build three subs per turn per shipyard production space(this is a whole other area to this game. you now produce ships in shipyards. and certain types take longer to be build than others)

    also with Germany and Itlay you may earn “IRON CROSSES”!!!
    there is a special British transport that must begin in specific seazones on the american side of the atlantic.
    if it can make it to a certain port in britian the brits recieve an extra 30 I.P.C. that turn.
    if the germans can sink it they are rewarded an “IRON CROSS” that is worth 2 I.P.C. and they get to collect this extra money each turn for the rest of the game.
    theres more but i’ll cut this short.

    their are rail stations, rail lines, some area’s even produce “supply” this is an optional rule that use’s one of Ralph’s first expansions.

    go to his web site and check them out.

  • Wow. You really covered everything I wanted to know. I like the ideas of subs, but defending subs? I’m not sure that’s very historically accurate if you ask me. The iron cross idea is kinda cheesy, but I guess it would make for some suspenseful moments. Anyways, thanks for the info. I think I purchase it and give it a test drive in the summer.

  • Glad to have helped.
    if and when you get it.
    write back and we’ll talk strategy’s

  • Koo. But due to the amount of school work I have, it’ll be a while before I can free up some time and break in the new kid. Plus I have to save up some cash. I’m a gamer on a budget! 😄

  • Nice Map dude.

  • If you like that map, then you should check out Civil War or Napoleon in Europe. The game map is simply fabulus! 😄

  • Sounds really cool, can you post a link? I’m a big fan of Napoleon games.

  • Sure thing Yanny 😄


    You can check out some finely crafted games like Napoleon, Civilization, and Age of Imperialism. Not only are the games beautifully created but the battle system used in Napoleon and Civil War leave you wanting more from Axis and Allies. Support you fellow gaming community! 😉

  • Wow, I think I know one of the producers of the Napoleon game! He came to my Gaming Group once and we had a huge playtest.

  • I have the Eaglegames Civil War board game,
    its great.
    Hella long to play thought.

    I was the South, took the midwest all the way up to Chicago, won the game.

  • You own Civil War II also?
    Wow that happens to be one of my favorite board games! 😄

    PS: Too bad you live in Canada, I would like to get a nice game going with those from outside my usual gaming group. 😉

  • The Rebel Elite Calvary is tight.
    The combat in that game is what makes it!

    Have you had Canada join the War yet?, LOL.

  • Yep, with Initiative and battlefield experience, I’ve ridden my Elite Band of Calvary in nigh-unstoppable campaigns

    I like the Confederacy the best since they’re more of a challenge and you get a chance to rewrite history. Hold the North at Richmond and slice through the rear western cities taking each city one by one is my plan. Haven’t been able to get any European intervention though.

  • TG, I’ve got a question about the civil war game.
    Do you drop the Naval rating to zero, or do you leave it as a 1.

  • I keep it a 0.

  • the game I’m working on is better then Ralphs as it has more territories and 8 reosourses and everything you can imagin in a WWII game

  • What are the eight resources?

  • theres people,cash,metal,gold/preciosjewls,wood,rock,oil, opps only 7

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