• @Kreuzfeld:


    Scrambling isn’t about winning.

    Agreed. It is only about the simple calulation: what is my IPC tradeoff for scrambleing. If your fighter gets to fire twice, you should almost always scramble. Only exception is if you have a jucier target on your turn.

    It really is about the opportunity costs.
    Can you use it more effective on your turn, if you attack you can always pull out if need be.
    Does it take similar value of units with it, trading a fighter for a sub is not that great trading it for a strat bomber it nice.
    Can it be used to deter any other attack later that is more important.
    What do i win/lose if i win/lose this combat.

    It is always a tradeoff, you can do more damage but at the same time limit yourself.

    And how much you like to gamble.
    Some only take 90% attacks because well otherwise you will lose, im more of a 75-80% combat person. As long as it isnt a critical battle.

    That is also a part of knowing your opponent, If you know they are cautious and dont take 20% battles you can get away with a 75% win with scramble

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    I don’t get the argument that scrambling limits your options as Italy I1. Barring an all air attack on SZ96, you got to think your only real option to amphibious assault I1 is Gibraltar. Is what is meant that your later options are limited?

    Germany still needs its planes and losing some in SZ97 weakens their Barbarossa thrust a little.

  • No fighters for italy means also no scramble round 2 when you might have only a transport in that SZ.

    Those 2 fighters cannot be used in an attack on yugo, south france, fleet off malta, destroy a russia blocker.
    Some of these options might not be important in your game but it is always a consideration.

    Germany will also lose 1 air unit if you scramble ( otherwise with just 2 fighter scramble your throwing away 2 fighters )

    And also what you espect will be left after you scramble or dont scramble.

    Sometimes i scramble where sometimes i dont scramble with exactly the same odds, it depends on my gameplan and how g1 went and some other things.

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    If you scramble you will pretty much always buy a fighter I1. You might also reinforce Rome with the Luftwaffe to deter an attack.

  • @simon33:

    If you scramble you will pretty much always buy a fighter I1. You might also reinforce Rome with the Luftwaffe to deter an attack.

    Its a choice for italy, like i said i still like 80% odds on that battle i just get 3 planes extra for my efford for a fleet that is doomed anyway.
    If you dont scramble germany can take that fleet out for 2 planes lost.

    You dont get the NO because of the cruiser off malta and the french fleet you cannot hit them both without airforce.

    So it is a choice and a gamble for italy and as the UK i dont care either way if you scramble i would preferr it actualy as i do more damage to the axis.

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    Also depends on IF:
    UK brings in the extra Ftr and a Bmbr.

    But as SH allready explained:
    What is your goal with Italy. Stall as long as possible UK in the Med.?
    Getting aggressiv?
    Looking for NO’ s?
    Or soften UK RN for the German Luftwaffe?

    If you scramble with Italy or not reveals also your future Plans in the Med. 😉

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