Air Superiority, your thoughts?

  • So I was wondering if anyone else used a house rule for the concept of a sequence of combat that allows player to simulate control if the air. I’m trying to work my own set of rules down to an effective system that is simple as well.

    What I’ve got so far.

    Before beginning any combat air combat must be resolved, however if no defending fighters are presen then any other aircraft will participate in the combat, receiving the first strike ability. I’m also using the carpet bombing rule for strategic bombers so they don’t first strike. Tactical Bombers and Fighters are massive beneficiaries of attacking vulnerable land units.

  • Hello Talkalots.

    We also came up to this problem, and resolved it much to our satisfaction using examples given to us by the game Struggle for Europe and Asia. Quite good.
    If you want to see what we have, I’m in the process of presenting my reference sheet online.

  • So after working this over in my head an trying to hash it out on paper the simplest answer seems to be a separate round.

    Fighters must hit other fighters before they can select other casualties, dive bombers have to hit aa guns first before they can start taking out fighters, strat bombers are huge flying targets, only able to hit fighters with their rolls. If strat bombers survive then they either can sbr, or carpet bomb. I’m leaning toward rolling 2 d6, 3 d6 with expanded heavy bombers, and that amount of IPC’s in units must be removed from play before land based combat even starts. Dive bombers get a called shot first strike if they survive, and fighters get a first strike as well. So a carpet bombing Strat vs. no air defense could possibly remove 12 IPC’s worth of units, is that unfair?

  • '13

    In the HBG v1.2 Global War 1936 variant, they do implement the concept of air superiority. In the first round of combat, casualties caused by fighters have to first be taken by opposing aircraft. Remaining casualties are taken as normal. We are in our 1st game and, so far, it seems to work pretty well.

  • Our group is very happy with the air superiority koncept in the 2nd edition. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?

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