What units can attack what?

  • Can someone tell me what units cant attack what? Like I heard that subs can’t shoot at planes and so fourth…

    Also, if your aircraft carrier is being attacked, and it has planes on it, do those planes defend against the attacker??

    –Can someone please explain for you use those little punchouts for marking your flight paths?? Also, if I am doing a strategic bombing run, and there are say 2 tanks in the territory of the Factory, do I enter into combat with those units, or do I just make a hit and run back to friendly land? Also in non combat, if I fly over an enemy AA, does the AA get a shot at me??

  • Pretty much all units may attack other units in combat.  The exceptions are:

    Subs cannot attack planes.

    During amphibious combat, transports,subs and aircraft carriers cannot attack the land being defended.  Battleships get only one bombardment shot.  Planes may be flown off the carrier to assist in the attack.

    AA guns cannot attack anything but planes.  Non-combat shots by the AA is a house rule (I beleive)

    During strategic bombing runs, only AA guns can attack the bombers (one roll for each bomber).

    If a carrier is attacked, yes the planes assist in defense.

    I’m not sure what you mean by using the punchouts to mark the flight path…

  • They are the little numbered punchouts, that you are supposed to use for makring out your flight path or something….I have no idea how to use them. And thank you for the previous help.

  • The punch outs are to assist folks (probably younger players) to keep track of where planes took off from, so that they only move a maximum of their alloted spaces.

    Most folks track this in their heads and complete the AF move from memory…
    “The Western FIG that fought in Karelia returns to Western”
    instead of a 1 chip in Baltic, a 2 chip in Karelia, a 3 chip in Baltic and a 4 chip in Western.

  • Yeah that’s what I figured, but wasn’t sure. Thanks

  • I also have a question:

    In an amphibious assault, can a Battleship bombard a land with only air units? What I’m saying is, can bombardment hits attack air units?

  • Moderator

    I don’t remember finding a rule against it… but I’ll have to check…

  • Revelade…

    The DEFENDER is the one who would choose what unit was whacked by the BB shot.  He COULD choose an aircraft… don;t know why you would want to, but the defender could choose to do so.

    Of course, if the territory has ONLY aircraft in it when the assault begins, then YES, the BB shot would take out an AF (think of it as the AF flying coastal patrol and getting taken out by the BB that is in close to shore)

  • Moderator

    ncscswitch, if my Aircraft were close enough to get shot down by AA Fire then I would attack them…

  • @Guerrilla:

    ncscswitch, if my Aircraft were close enough to get shot down by AA Fire then I would attack them…

    GG, I think Revelade’s question was whether or not he could kill enemy AF with BB support shots, and the answer to that is YES 🙂

  • I think it was ambiguous in the box rules or something where it says you can only bombard land units, but I think in LHTR it says any unit and that’s the way it’s been played for a while…

  • I’ve allways allowed planes to be shot down in shore bombardment.  I don’t see why they wouldn’t…

  • Moderator

    I realize that… And I know that it is possible… I was just helping him deduct a better house rule… 😐

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