German quick route to middle east back of Russia

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    In my games, Germany doesn’t get troops to Egypt because I’m playing a competent UK player. The only time(s) that’s remotely possible and has occurred is if the UK player doesn’t take out two Italian transports UK1. In that situation the German Luffwaffe is used for defensive purposely to let Italy build up on Alexandria before attacking Egypt. Never have I as Germany thought it smart to purchase an IC in Yugo just for the purpose of going after Egypt. Not worth it all. In that case, let Germany get S. France. I think purchasing a minor IC just for hitting Caucasus is a better plan than a minor at Yugo for Egypt.


    The minor isnt just for getting egypt but for getting the middle east and for helping out italy.
    Since you can produce units in a protected SZ ( south italy airbase ) you can help italy become strong enough to stay afloat in the med.
    This can give italy a 15 ipc NO germany a 5ipcNO and they can share the other 6 ipcs.

    though south france is cheaper it is also riskier as UK might be able to hit it with more units and you dont have a scramble. Yes you can build an airbase there to protect but � the minor IC is a cheaper investment.

    Is this discussion about an IC in Romania or letting Germany get S. France? If S. France, yes, that’s a pretty standard way for Germany to help Italy get Egypt and then make a play for the Middle East, ect. �

    But I think this discussion was about a minor IC in Romania (or Major) for going after the Caucasus or Ukraine (and another route towards the Middle East or back of Russia). Anything else is a great bonus. If a Romanian IC is used for getting Egypt…ect. than we’re talking violating strict neutrals, ect which is a discussion for a different thread. Yes, I understand the benefits of Germany helping Italy get Middle East NOs.

  • yes it was about a minor ic in romania to get the no’s of caucaus and middle east. I mentioned about needing to possibly build a minor ic in yugo to help transport germans to africa and there was some discussion about an ic in yugo not being a good buy, and if you were gonna do that to just use south france if germany controls it.

    In your test playing as russia in round 2, and you see the transports placed in the black sea, you decide to then move 9 units to caucus? did you already have some units there to move into iraq? If caucus is built up heavy germany could transport units into ukraine along with a forward march from romainian troops. might pull russia back around and then just transport them next round.

    Appreciate the test plays. I’ve been waiting for miniture market to get some back in stock to get another board.

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    When play testing, from the Russian perspective, the moment transport(s) were dropped into the Black Sea, I started moving units to the most obvious place of attack, the Caucasus. Also, it is obvious that builds need to be done on Stalingrad rather than Ukraine.

    As a Russian player, I don’t stack on Ukraine anyways. So, from the German perspective, I started looking at the Ukraine as a place to attack as well, but in that case it makes the transports a waste. Ukraine should be taken by the normal march of troops through Bessarabia and then a large stack that can’t be counter attacked in Ukraine.

    I usually station my Russian mechs and tanks in Bryansk on R1 because from there they can be used to hit W. Ukraine or E. Poland if the timing is right to counter attack. I don’t do Iraq. I see a lot of experienced allied players have the UK get Iraq. At a later time, they send 1 Russian mech to get an Italian African Territory. Those 4 mobile units just happened to be stationed within range of the Caucasus.

    In my play testing, on R2, Germany had only 1 transport because it built an aircraft carrier and a destroyer to protect it from the UK bomber.

    So on R2, Russia moved the starting 2 infantry that moved up from the Caucasus to Rostov on R1 then moved back to the Caucasus because of the German transport build on G2. I also moved the 2 mechs, and 2 tanks, plus planes (so 8 to 9 units there). It really made the German purchases on the Black Sea and Romania look like a silly waste of IPCs. On G3, Germany couldn’t hit the Caucasus with 1 transport and planes.

    From my play testing, I conclude that Germany has to drop 3 transports and an airbase on Romania on G2. The Airbase wasn’t my idea in this thread, but it might be the key. Then hit Russia on G3 while purchasing an additional destroyer or 2x destroyers, or destroyer/cruiser combo (which in this situation is better than a battleship…cause it gets to roll 2 dice, still takes 2 hits, but you don’t have to worry about repairing it).

    You don’t want to build a carrier on G3 cause Germany can’t afford to station 5 fighters just for defense and attacks with the transports. The amount of defensive warships built any turn is always based upon the striking air power of the UK and Russia of course. Situation dictates there. But the timetable for this to be plausible I think has to be 3 transports built and protected with an airbase for an attack on G3.

    I will play test tonight.

  • Thank you for your input and play tests. Thinking for the money I might just drop troops and planes and start marching lol. If I could just get a few tanks behind Russia or into the middle east it would make for some entertainment.

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