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    Axis and Allies Global 1940 League Rules

    1 - Anyone can join at any time.  No sign up is necessary - just play a game in the league forum with the proper game naming convention (Player1(side) v Player2(side))

    2 - You may play anyone in the league.

    (Note for 2023 - relax the # of games requirement)

    The only limit is - against any single particular opponent, there is a limit of a best of 3 games will count (maximum of 2 wins for 1 player).  This limit can be expanded when both you and your opponent have completed more league games:
    0-9 games completed: Limit is best of 3 (first to 2 wins)
    10-19 games completed: Eligible for best of 5 (first to 3 wins)
    20-29 games completed: Eligible for best of 7 (first to 4 wins)
    This pattern continues.

    3 - Scoring/Playoffs

    3a - Each player will belong to 1 of 5 tiers based on their previous league year game results. After completing 3 games, the ranking will be adjusted to the current year results.  Cutoffs for tiers will be at 5.50 PPG for tier M (Master); 4.50 for tier E (Elite); 3.50 for tier 1; and 2.50 for tier 2.
    Players will be awarded points as follows:
    Win over tier M, E, 1, 2, 3 earn 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 points, respectively
    Lose to tier M, E, 1, 2, 3 earn 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 points, respectively
    Point totals are divided by # of games played to arrive at PPG (Points per game)

    Points awarded are changed when a past opponent rises or falls a tier - that is, every player’s current point total reflects the current standing of their past opponents.  Until 3 games are completed, players will be assigned to tier 3 by default unless they completed 3 games in the previous year, in which case they will continue with that past ranking until obtaining a new current year ranking (3 games completed). If the player’s last ranking was two years or more before, they will be assigned a tier that is one level lower than that tier, until 3 games are completed in the current year.

    3b League standings are available online here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pYDcR_d27qG312v_rq2q35wYEEfO6mjrX-Co1nvKrlI/edit#gid=1967139729

    3c Playoffs will begin as soon as possible after 31 Dec. The top 8 players in the league by PPG, who have completed at least 8 games, will be eligible to play for League Champion (Balanced Mod 3/4). The playoff bracket will be seeded, 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, and 4 vs 5, with the 4-5 being in the same bracket as 1-8. Bracket size for Out of the Box and Path to Victory are determined by the league moderator later in the year, when the total number of games that will be played becomes more evident.
    Tiebreakers, in order:
    1 - Head to head play
    2 - Most games played
    3 - Strongest opponent defeated (measured by PPG)
    4 - Random number generator
    Any players who have completed 3 or more games, and who did not qualify for the League Champion Playoff may sign up to enter the additional league playoffs.  These playoffs will start with 4 or 8 players each, and will be seeded by PPG (with byes or play-in games as necessary)

    Playoff game results do count in the subsequent year’s regular season standings (this was voted on in the past, and the large majority wanted this)

    4 - Game & rules - The default rules are the published G40 2nd edition rules with the Balanced Mod 3 or 4, Regular Dice, No Technology, and Bidding to determine sides.
    Base rules are available online here (Europe rules, then Pacific rules): https://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/ah/AA_europe_1940_rules.pdf
    (these files are 200 and 300 MB - large!)
    Balanced Mod rules are in the notes in Triple A after downloading the appropriate map.

    4a The default game rules may be modified by agreement of both players.  Low Luck or Tech, with or without Tech Tokens, is allowed if you and your opponent agree prior to bidding.  Balanced mod (see stickied League section thread for Balanced Mod rules) or any other ruleset using G40 is likewise allowed if agreed by both players

    4b  Bidding - Bidding is normally used to ensure that both players are satisfied with the side they are playing. Bidding is not required - whatever the players agree to, for mutually satisfactory rules and starting conditions, is allowed.

    Default settings for bidding:

    1. Limit one bid unit in a territory or sea zone.
    2. The nation placing a unit in a territory or sea zone must have started with a unit in said territory or sea zone prior to placing the bid.
    3. China is limited to bid units of: Infantry, Artillery and/or Fighters (the units China is legally able to purchase or start the game with.)  These units are still limited to movement/placement restrictions of Chinese units.

    5 - Posting Schedule

    5a - Time Limits - There is a 72 hour time limit per move. This (72) may be negotiated by the players at game start.  If you agree to different time limits, you need to post it at the beginning of the game thread for the moderators to enforce. Of course, longer limits may always be allowed by a player to his opponent during the game - post these in the thread in case there is a dispute, for the moderators.
    For good sportsmanship, you should give defender decisions (casualty choices, scramble/intercept/submerge/kamikaze decisions) to your opponent as soon as possible.

    5b - Vacations - Play can be paused for a total of 21 days, for whatever reason, without penalty by simply posting the need for a vacation. Please specify the duration of your absence in your game.

    5c - Weekend Players.  If you can only play on the weekend or on certain days, please state this when you are looking for an opponent, and clearly specify this in the game thread.

    5d - 72 hour warnings:  If 72 hours goes by and there is no game-play post from your opponent (i.e. at least a game decision made), simply post “bump” and the number of the bump (Bump#1, Bump #2, or Bump #3), which creates the “warning”.  (Note:  only post “bump” in your warnings to make it clear you are issuing a warning.  Do not add any other text in your warning post.)

    5e - “Bump” warning and consequences - Each “bump” warning resets the clock for another 72 hrs.  However, on the 4th “bump” warning the offending player will be disqualified and declared the loser for that game.  (Note:  You get only 3 warnings per game.)  You must post the warning when it happens (or before the next move has been made by your opponent).  You cannot retroactively issue a “bump” warning.  “Bump” warnings can be issued for posting of partial turns (for example, someone only posted their combat move), OOL requests, map questions, etc. but they follow the same 72 hour requirement.

    5f - If a turn is not posted within 14 days of either the previous turn post (or request for decision on casualty choice, scrambling, kamikaze, et cetera) or the end of a predetermined “vacation”, then the player failing to post may be declared in default and lose the game.  The 14 days may also be changed by mutual agreement of the players at the beginning of the game, if posted to the game thread. This can be done without any of the bump warnings described in 5e

    6 - Posting game results - Losing players are responsible to post results in the stickied game results thread.  This is so that we know the loser agrees with the game result.  Post names of the winner and loser, and provide a link to the game thread.  Winners may post the result when the game result was due to time limits of rule #5.

    7 - The Season starts on 1 Jan. and ends on 31 Dec. midnight, California time.  Games must be completed by 31 Dec. in order to be counted for that year’s season.  All game results reported between 1 Jan. and 31 Dec. will be included in that year’s league standings.

    8 - Allowed Assumptions during gameplay - The purpose of assumptions is to reduce the number of game stoppages for opponent decisions (scrambling, casualty choice, intercepting, submerging, kamikazes).  Because you are assuming a decision for your opponent, if your opponent disagrees with the assumption made, you should come to an agreement on how to resolve the disagreement. But if you can’t agree, the defender has the right to require the entire combat phase be re-rolled. Or you may seek a moderator ruling.

    9 - Order of Play - From page 11 of the rulebook: Axis and Allies is played in rounds.  A round consists of each power taking a turn.  Your power’s turn consists of six phases, which take place in a fixed sequence.  When you finish the Collect Income phase, your turn is over.  Play then passes to the next power.
    You may not go back to previous phases/turns of the game and make changes without your opponent’s permission.

    10 - Moderators will make the final decision on any rules, violations of the same, or any other game disputes. Moderator rulings are FINAL.  PERIOD.

    All of these rules are for the intent of maximizing the fair play and enjoyment of this great game for as many as possible.

    Have fun!!!

    League Moderator

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    I made a couple of minor changes from 2016:

    1. Ranking requires 3 games instead of 2.  Players with 3 games completed in 2016 (was 4 previously) will have carry-over ranking until playing 3 games in 2017 (this is for the benefit of their opponents).
      Also, playoff participation requirement reduced from 4 games to 3, for consistency with ranking rules

    2. Dropout rule removed because it’s a rare problem that can be handled case-by-case, and because then all PPG’s can be successfully and correctly calculated at any time for any player.

    3. Removed instructions for Game thread titles to include “16 L G40”

    4. Added RNG tiebreaker to rule 3c

    5. Lower playoffs may start with 4 or 8 players (used to say 8 )

    6. Added reference to BM 1940 rules that are stickied in league

    7. A few other minor, cosmetic changes

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    I will review and update the 2017 league rules for 2018, but anticipate very minor changes if any.  These rules seem to be working well for us.

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    League rules finally updated for 2020. One minor addition - one sentence added at end of 3a so that excellent players from more than 1 year ago are not assigned the default tier level 3. I think this is minor enough and popular enough that no one will object to the addition at mid-year, thank you.

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