Winter 2016/17 Battle of Britain on 22nd January - see battle report

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    This all day event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 6 players, including four from this forum, and will play two games, at least one of which will be probably be 1942.2.

    If you are interested in joining us then please either reply to this thread in Events or send a PM to Private Panic.

    The Battle Reports for our previous events (posted on this board below) will show you how much fun we have!

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    We had five players and decided to maximise the social aspect with one game, opting to play the Anniversary map, with 1941 set up, to 1942.2 rules.

    Powers were allocated randomly, resulting in wittmann (Germany & Italy) and a non-forum player (Japan) against Credulous (USA & China), Private Panic (UK) and a non-forum player (Russia).

    Germany and Italy combined to take Egypt in the first turn. Italy’s uncontested control of the Med prompted it to build a factory there.

    The UK then wiped out the G fleet, allowing R to grab Finland and the UK Norway. Transport builds presented a significant and growing threat to G’s Atlantic and North Sea coasts. Although this was primarily used to land troops in North Africa, this threat tied up large numbers of German troops.

    The UK built a factory in India on UK1 and maximised builds there each turn.

    Japan had terrible dice in its first turn and failed to take either the Philippines or Kwangtung. 😮 This temporary halt on J’s ambitions didn’t seem to cause too much of a stumble and by the end of J3 China was down to one territory and the money islands had fallen. India was taken J4 and Australia J6.

    G’s defence of its coasts allowed R to withstand the G onslaught. Leningrad was finally taken G6 but with minimum force and was immediately lost again, with no immediate prospect of recapture by G.

    R also defended the Middle East against Italy’s Egypt builds and retook India R5. Sufficient support was provided to China to allow it to continue the struggle against Japan. A small stack in Novosbirsk threatened J’s advancing but outnumbered troops to the north.

    The UK retook Egypt UK5 (thanking Italy profusely for the factory of course :lol:) and thereafter threatened Italy’s Med fleet with annihilation, albeit temporarily delayed by a cruiser blocker.

    While all of the above fighting was going on, the USA twiddled its thumbs. :roll: It was able to focus virtually all of its resources on Pacific builds. J’s attempts to match these robbed its mainland Asian forces of reinforcements. The J4 attack on India reduced J’s naval power in the Pacific and only succeeded through the sacrifice of fighters, allowing the US to finally make some headway, with the seizure of a Japanese island US5, giving the UK a much needed NO. The following turn the US retook the Philippines and split the Japanese fleet, isolating the money islands, threatening a Japanese factory on Borneo and ensuring the recapture of Australia.

    After 7½ hours of play and six turns, the game was declared an allied victory. Although both G and J continued to deploy significant forces, neither posed an effective threat to the allied powers. By contrast, Italy faced immediate eradication of its Med fleet and Japan the loss of its forces and territories to the south of the Philippines.

    They say history is written by the victors and in this instance it certainly has been! 🙂

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    Good write up. And fun game to play (unless you were the US). Italy’s near 20 income for 4 was certainly titillating. .

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    Thanks for the comment Leo. I did not reply earlier in case Credulous felt moved to do so. It certainly was an enjoyable game.

    You deserve a special prize on the day: Most Chaotic Player! All of us were entirely confused by your turns, but for most of the game laboured under the false assumption that you, at least, knew what you were doing!

    Wear the badge with pride! 😄

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    I would have liked to have done G1, but was very late, so understand. I really only considered Italy as mine. The failed Barbarossa did upset me, somewhat.

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    I am sure J would rather have had you there to do G too, as it was the first time he had played on this map.

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    Japan is always more fun.

  • US was kind of one dimensional in this game. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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