Sired's card deck -NOW AVAILABLE-

  • @FascistKerbal Go to a different office depot store, or try it with a different employee at a different time. Persistence.

  • @siredblood Good job!!! 👍 - When I was looking for cards with all objectives I came to your youtube link. It’s funny - I had the same idea but I created the rules etc. with bigger charts years ago. I think it is good to have some rules in short to clarify some questions during games.

    Just one question: Why are the German cards not colored, too?

  • To add:

    I noticed the Iron Cross or “Balkenkreuz” you used for the German cards are not the ones used in WW2. You took the current Balkenkreuz of the German military --> Bundeswehr. It looks similiar to the medal Iron Cross of WW2.

    But the Wehrmacht used a different Iron Cross / “Balkenkreuz” for their vehicles, planes etc… , see i.e. A&A orignal marker.

  • Are these cards still available anywhere? The links appears to be dead.

    Just got into AA40 and introducing new players to the game as a whole these would be very useful with the rule cards.


  • @siredblood hi. Im new to the game. How can I get your 1940 card deck? I seen your videos and really think it will make the game easier. Thanks.

  • Hey Sired, I saw your cards on YouTube and I loved the idea! Are they still avalible?

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