Central Jersey: Need a Player for Global War's 1936/39 Set up from HBG

  • A friend and my self have been playing Historical Board Gaming’s Global War 1936 for over a year now … and we are looking to expand to get another to join our ranks … we have some who can join us from time to time … but we are looking for a dedicated 3rd person to our ranks… the Game has its Axis and Allies and Soviet player to round out 3.

    We live in Central Jersey and typically play from 8:30am till around 5pm on most Sundays! or days during the week but weather dependent for that. If you are interested and live in new jersey and would like to join us please let me know…

    My self I am 34 year old Marine Vet and my friend is a 61 year old army vet! always looking for more !

  • Hey where in Central jersey? I work in Princeton.

    I haven’t played this game, but I do play A&A—i assume they’re similar.

  • Wonderful! … Princeton is about 30 min away from us! and yes it is very similar to Axis and Allies the same pieces are used movement purchase tech … but it is a lot more advanced in every way … it does take longer to play but we leave the game set up until the next time we play. we try to get together as often as we can which is about at minimum once a week in the winter.

    Once you play this game its like learning how to play checkers and then you find out that Chess is a lot more your speed due to how advanced and interesting it is … politics are involved so Axis have victory conditions so do the communists and the allies as well… but each one is after his own objectives so its  really fun trying to win cause you need to play nice with the allies as the communists but you have your own goals … etc etc… the map alone is 8 foot by 4 foot … so when you see it your mouth will drop … if you are interested in joining us let me know … PM and we will talk

    I live in Matawan NJ but we play in Shrewsbury basically like 5 min from Red bank

  • Ah thats a bit far for me to try during the week. but thanks!

  • Bump we are looking for a 3rd for our group for Global War 1936/39! Please don’t be shy! we can help teach!

  • Bump we are looking for a 3rd for our group for Global War 1936/39! Please don’t be shy! we can help teach!

  • Bump!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Somebody help this man! :P

  • Maybe.  I’ll send a PM  8-)

  • Soup looking forward brother! I PMed you back!

  • are you still looking?

  • Always looking brother! Absolutely brilliant game we tend to play on Sundays from around 8am till 5pm we don’t rush to finish the game and keep it set up for the following week.

  • I will play. Haven’t play in years. Willing to learn I’m from north jersey will travel to play. Jfrathooch@gmail.com

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